Fiddleheads Forest School: A Nature Preschool at the UW Botanic Gardens

March 22nd, 2013 by Sarah Heller, Community Programs Coordinator & Fiddleheads Forest School Director

In September, the UW Botanic Gardens will open an outdoor, nature-based preschool. The Fiddlehead Forest School is a play-based, exploratory and outdoor program that creates opportunities for children to develop meaningful and caring relationships with one another and the natural world.


Fiddleheads Forest School: A Nature Preschool at the UW Botanic Gardens

Take a mSH_fiddleheadphotooment to envision a three year old. This person is probably full of energy and exuding curiosity. Their hands are on everything, tuning into the world with their senses. Their excitement, energy and curiosity are contagious. This small human is developing on a massive scale. They are creating neural connections faster than at any other point in their development. They are learning about the world, and their curiosity knows no bounds. They are also learning about themselves and how to interact with other humans.

Now envision a preschool with those energetic, curious three-year-olds at the UWBG Washington Park Arboretum. Those small, curious hands look for bugs in the leaf litter of our forested areas. Their eyes and ears are fine-tuned by looking and listening for birds in our wetlands, their noses by smelling flowers in our Winter Garden, their taste buds by tasting ripe huckleberries in the Woodland Garden and their imaginations by laying in the grass along Azalea Way looking for cloud shapes.SSHChildleaves

The Fiddleheads Forest School believes in supporting the growth of the whole child through attention to their social and emotional development, self-regulation and physical development.

This is a 10-month preschool with two class options, M/W/F or Tu/Th from 9am-12pm. See the information packet and application on our website.

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