SPRAY NOTIFICATION: Garden Loosestrife, Initial Treatments July 26 through August 9

July 26th, 2013 by UWBG Horticulturist

UW Botanic Gardens has commenced its 5th and final year of the 5yr Dept. of Ecology, Garden Loostrife eradication project.

Our contractor, NW Aquatic Eco-Systems, has scheduled initial  spray applications to commence on July 26 and continue through first week of August.  There will be a final follow-up application in September.

Postings of project and current spray schedules include:

  • Waterfront Activity Center
  • UBNA kiosk
  • Slough bridge sign in E5 parking lot
  • Yesler Swamp Kiosk
  • UBNA loop trail, east-end
  • All Arboretum boat landings
  • Arboretum Waterfront Trail Entrances (Foster Island and old MOHAI )
  • D.O.T. park-n-ride lot off of 520 Lake WA Blvd exit ramp

Lysimachia vulgaris, Garden Loosestrife, a non-native wetland species is invasive in this area. State listed as a class B noxious weed, it requires control by the land manager UW Botanic Gardens as mandated by King County Noxious Weed Control Board.

Treatment includes:

  •  Approximately 5 miles of shoreline property bordering Union Bay including Foster and Marsh Islands in the Washington Park Arboretum
  • An initial and follow up spray application to occur between July 15 and October 1
  •  Both shoreline and land side application of the herbicide Habitat (imazapyr), a selective broadleaf herbicide.
    •  Non toxic to fish and their food web.
    •  No significant risk to birds or mammals

For more information about this project, please call 206-897-1642 or 206-543-8800.