A glimpse into the past: A view of Azalea Way 70 years prior

March 7th, 2014 by UWBG Communication Staff

By John A. Wott, Director Emeritus


Azalea Way from Lake Washington Boulevard. Photo by H. G. Ihrig 1944

This view looks from Lake Washington Boulevard toward the southern end of Azalea Way. The photo was taken by H. G. Ihrig in May, 1944. It shows the opening of Arboretum Creek along Azalea Way as it flows north from the culvert under Lake Washington Boulevard. Note the large weeping willow trees as well as the large open grass path we all know as Azalea Way. The wooden bollards with the long grass growing under them are also noteworthy of the time.

On the extreme left is the entrance to East Interlaken Boulevard. The small kiosk located at the intersection was built by the Works Progress Administration crew. The kiosk was later destroyed and removed.

The intersection appears much the same today, with a few minor changes. Besides being widened, formal concrete curbs along Lake Washington Boulevard have been added.

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5 Responses to “A glimpse into the past: A view of Azalea Way 70 years prior”

  1. Suzanne Ferris says:

    So who made the decision to remove the kiosk and why John?

  2. Ned Gulbran says:

    Lake Washington Blvd. without curbs has a nicer feel to it than with curbs. Curbs on the narrow, winding roadway plus fast car traffic make it sometimes terrifying on a bike; no escape route. Much of the southern part of the Blvd. along the lakeshore is still without curbs and even without streetlights.

    Beside the improved aesthetics, curbless roads are environmentally friendly by allowing storm water to be absorbed into the ground at the margins rather than being piped to a sewer or outfall.

  3. John A. Wott says:

    Your comments are very appropriate. As I hope you know, the new Multi-purpose trail and improvements along LWB will soon begin. I hope you were in attendance at the recent public meeting in which comments were taken….Here are two of the people in the City of Seattle, who are in charge… Andy Sheffer at Andy.Sheffer@seattle.gov and Michael Shiosaki at Michael.Shiosaki@seattle.gov Now is the time for your comments. Thanks for reading the columns…they are fun to do.

  4. John A Wott says:

    Your comments are entirely appropriate. I hope you have been involved in the public comments regarding the LWB Pathway and Trail and its changes…. and I hope you attended the recent public meeting to voice your comments. You may want to contact two of the people in the City of Seattle who are in charge… Andy Sheffer at Andy.Sheffer@seattle.gov and Michael Shiosaki at Michael.Shiosaki@seattle.gov. I am glad you are reading the releases….I enjoy doing it. Happy Spring!

  5. John A Wott says:

    Suzanee …the kiosk was destroyed by vandals….fire etc….and was torn down….perhaps a good project for Restoration!~~