Cultivating Regional Food Security – Speakers

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Post-Conference Outline with Links to Speakers’ Slides and Handouts

December 4, 2010

Plenary Session 1 – The Urgency of Cultivating Regional Food Security. Aaron Reardon, Snohomish County Executive [No slides]

Session A: Regional Food Insecurity in Western Washington

The Realities of the Regional Food System (A1) 

Promoting Agriculture While Ensuring Food Safety. Kirk Robinson, Assistant Director for Food Safety, Washington State Department of Agriculture.  Robinson_A1

What Does Our Current Food System Look Like? Where Does Our Food Come From? Dr. Marcia Ostrom, Director, WSU Small Farms Program. Ostrom_A1

Improving Access to Healthy Food in Washington. Dr. Donna B. Johnson, Associate Director, UW Center for Public Health Nutrition.  Johnson_A1

Research Debunks Food System Assumptions (A2)

Does Local Mean Sustainable? Dr. Branden Born, UW Department of Urban Design and Planning. Paper.

Climate Friendly Food: Is Local Better? Dr. Chad Kruger, Interim Director, WSU Center  for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Is it Easy to Go Organic? Jessica Gigot, PhD Candidate and Sustainability Chair at WSU-Mount Vernon & Owner of Harmony Fields Farm. Gigot_A2

Plenary Session 2 – Food Policy Planning in Seattle and the Puget Sound
RegionRichard Conlin, President of the Seattle City Council, Chair of the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Food Policy Council [no slides].  Conlin_P2_handout

Session B:  Food Availability Is Inadequate

Getting Food to Market (B1)

Rebuilding Food System Infrastructure. Jim Kropf, WSU Extension Regional Director.  Kropf_B1_slides

Cultivating New Farmers and Ranchers. Sarita Role Schaffer, WSU Skagit County. Shaffer_B1_slides

From a Corner Market Perspective: Providing Resources for Stores to Sell Local Farm Produce. Shannon Tyman, UW Masters in Urban Planning Candidate.  Tyman_B1

Land Use Policy in a Growing Population (B2)

Agriculture is Rural Washington’s Greatest Asset. Don Stuart, Executive Director, American Farmland Trust Northwest Region.  Stuart_B2

Impacts of Regional Urbanization on Land Use. Ron Shultz, Policy Director, Washington State Conservation Commission. Slide show:

Farmland or Salmon? We Need Both. Chris Benedict, WSU Extension, Pierce County.  Slide show with narration:

Session C:  Food Access Initiatives are Fragmented

Business and the Food System (C1)

Farm-Grown Economic Development in Rural Western Washington. Fred Berman, Washington State Department of Agriculture.  Berman_C1

Assessing and Enhancing the Economic Impacts of Farmers Markets in Washington. Colleen Donovan, WSU Farmers Market Project. Donovan_C1_slides

Healthy Foods Here Project. Kara Martin, Martin & Sanders Consulting. Martin_C1

Getting Food to the People (C2)

Tribal Community Food Sovereignty in Western Washington. Elise Krohn, Northwest Indian College. [no slides]  Traditional Foods of Puget Sound and NWIC Traditional Plants Programs

What Urban Agriculture Can’t Do for Regional Food Security – And What it Can Do. Dr. Elizabeth Wheat, Nina Arlein and Michelle Venetucci Harvey, UW Farm. Wheat_C2

December 5, 2010 

Plenary Session 3 – Big Hairy Audacious Ideas for Improving Food Security – What’s Working Around the World?

BHAGs for Us.  Tim Crosby, Director, Slow Money NW.  Slides available here:

Resilient Farms, Resilient Cultures. Gigi Berardi, Director of the Resilient Farms Project, Western Washington University. Website.

Transforming Agriculture in Kenya with Community-Driven Solutions. Travis English, UW Masters in Urban Planning candidate, member of Community Alliance for Global Justice. English_P3


Session D: Visioning for a Resilient Food System

Communities Putting Prevention to Work (D1) [no slides for this session]

Nicole Sadow-Hasenberg, CPPW Communications Strategic Planner
More about CPPW in King County
Rebecca Elias, Project Coordinator, WSDA Farm-to-School Program
Elizabeth Loudon, Associate Director, Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS)
Maria Langlais, Seattle Human Services Department, Aging and Disability Services
Karen Kinney, King County Agriculture Program

Adapting Agriculture for Regional Food Security (D2)

Soil Study of Urban Planting Strips. Katie Murphy, UW School of Forest Resources.  Murphy_D2_slides

Kicking the Commodity Habit: Small Grains for Small Farms. Dr. Steve Jones, Director of the WSU Mount Vernon Research Center. Jones_D2_slides

Tillage Reduction and Cover Cropping for Enhanced Soil Quality. Dr. Andrew Corbin, WSU Extension Snohomish County.  Corbin_D2_slides 

Session E: Working Sessions for Advancing Regional Food Security Planning