Cherry Pruning Time

October 8th, 2010 by UWBG Horticulturist

Our horticulture staff will begin pruning our cherry collection, mostly along Azalea Way, next week. October is our window to prune based on the life-cycle of the insect pest, Cherry Bark Tortrix -it’s not flying around seeking easy entry portals like fresh pruning wounds now. Most of our pruning focuses on  large dead branches, as well as, unwanted basal suckers below graft unions. We just don’t have the staff to detail out all the small dead twiggy growth from years of brown rot infestations. We do mulch our cherries which helps decrease amount of fungal spores to reinfect next year’s blossoms.

Also, our tree crew will be removing 7 decrepit – brown rot and decay riddled, poor health specimens. 6 are Prunus subhirtella cvs. (the most susceptible to brown rot) and one is a Prunus sargentii w/ significant crown die-back. We may decide to replant if the sites are suitable w/ brown rot resistant cultivars in the future.