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Supporting Organizations

The UW Botanic Gardens depends on the generous time and financial support of many dedicated volunteers and supporting organizations.

The Arboretum Foundation was established in 1935 to raise money to support the Washington Park Arboretum. Today the Foundation focuses on raising funds, promoting volunteerism, and advocating at the local and state level on issues that affect the Arboretum. In recent years, their fundraising has been focused on the K-8 Education Program and the Arborist and Tree Care Program. In addition, they, along with the City have provided all of the funding for the creation of the new Pacific Connections Garden. Donations to support the Arboretum may be given to either the UW Botanic Gardens or the Arboretum Foundation.

The Northwest Horticultural Society was founded in 1966 to support the establishment of the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) at the University of Washington, the first academic program in the United States to focus on using plants to maintain and enhance the urban environment. The Society is a major financial supporter of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library at the CUH. NHS annually grants scholarships to students in horticulture at the University of Washington and supports projects that benefit horticulture in the Northwest. The Northwest Horticultural Society Hall at CUH provides a meeting spaces for lectures, conferences and social events supporting UWBG in its vision of acting as a hub for plant science, information, teaching, and stewardship.

Other important organizations with which we have partnerships include:

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