The Bioengineering weekly departmental seminar brings in together the bioengineering community (graduate students, undergraduates, faculty, postdocs, and professional master’s students) to hear the latest and most exciting bioengineering research from around the world. We try to balance the speakers’ interests to cover the many sub-disciplines represented within the department, including imaging, drug delivery, molecular engineering, biomaterials, systems and synthetic biology, medical devices, and diagnostics.

The Details:
We encourage Affiliates Program members to participate as guest speakers for this series. Speakers are expected to sign a public release allowing their talks to be recorded and broadcast for our off-site students taking the class, and for archival viewing by our faculty and students. Speakers should prepare a 40 minute talk, targeted to a technical audience, but not necessarily an audience working in their field. The talk should focus on research, technology development and clinical utilization; talks from company personnel should focus on possible collaborative R&D topics, and avoid marketing already developed products.

If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more, please complete the following online form:
Request for Information/Volunteer (For Industry)