Have a problem that calls out for an innovative solution? Need forward-reaching staff who can hit the ground running? Want to keep in touch with the pulse of the diverse bioengineering field?

Upon joining the Affiliates Program, we will work together to develop a plan for collaborating with us –and the surrounding bioengineering community—based on your company’s individual needs and goals. Individualized collaborations could range from sponsoring research, hosting events, creating an internship, or teaming on research to working with us to create a new program. We welcome your ideas!

Objectives of the “Action Plan” include:

  • Set priorities on areas of interest
  • Identify key BioE department and company stakeholders
  • Develop objectives for BioE department interactions
  • Schedule specific BioE-AP events and other points of interaction

If you would like to learn more, please complete the following online form:

Request for Information/Volunteer (For Industry)