The UW BioE Affiliates Program offers a range of opportunities to engage with UW BioE faculty and students, as well as the surrounding BioE community. BioE-AP’s structure also encourages members to network with each other. By creating a noncompetitive “commons,” members can interact on a personal and technical basis.

Benefits of joining the UW BioE-AP include:

  • Customized BioE department engagement plan based on needs of company/organization
  • Access to UW student resumes
  • Invitation to participate in annual Career Fair
  • Reserved space on campus for interviews/information sessions
  • Access to UW Library Services
  • Invitation to UW BioE conferences and seminars
  • Access to BioE Video Archive
  • Access to research facilities
  • Collaboration with faculty and an Affiliates Program facilitator, who will support and shepherd the partnership
  • Providing input on UW Bioengineering curriculum
  • Receiving breaking news about research from the department
  • Discovering opportunities to collaborate or sponsor research
  • Networking with other companies

If you would like to learn more, please complete the following online form:

Request for Information/Volunteer (For Industry)