BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH)(Seattle, WA)             BioE-AP Internship Code: 0514BV

Funding Landscape Analyst

Start Date: June (Flexible)
End Date:  August (Flexible)

Hourly rate: Non-paid

Application Deadline:  5/30/14

Internship Description:

BVGH is a nonprofit organization that works to accelerate the development of new drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for the unmet needs of the developing world. Understanding the funding landscape, and connecting researchers and product developers with high-quality funding is an important part of this work. BVGH developed the Funders Database, a comprehensive source of relevant funding opportunities that allows researchers to streamline their search for essential funding.

BVGH is seeking a summer intern to develop an assessment of the funding landscape for global health biotechnology research and development. Specific tasks include:

  • Research current and past funding for global health biotechnology and product R&D
  • Analyze past and current funding to identify trends and gaps
  • Review and update funding opportunities currently listed in the BVGH Funders Database

Required Skills:

  • Experience with MS Excel
    • Knowledge of VBA preferred but not required
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good oral and written communications skills
  • An interest in global health

Special Notes/Application Procedures:

  • Internship activities can be tailored to meet the selected candidate’s personal learning interests and career development goals.