Does your company have an idea you’d like to see tested? Perhaps your organization needs a question answered before moving forward. Through faculty research sponsorships, you can rely on domain experts in academia who are abreast of the most current research in the field to help solve problems. Together, a UW-industry partnership will allow your organization to:

  • Explore avenues in fundamental research that are difficult to staff for or justify in a private company
  • Gain research support to remove blocking points
  • Develop proof-of-concepts or an exploratory path-finding activity that may have longer-term applications

Our UW bioengineering faculty and students welcome partnerships with industry and know that a successful collaboration for your company or organization ultimately is a win for the bioengineering industry as a whole.

If you wish to sponsor research at UW Bioengineering, UW Affiliates Program staff will meet with you to identify areas of opportunity and/or discuss the scope of the work.

To sponsor UW faculty research or to learn more, please complete the following online form:

Request for Information/Volunteer (For Industry)