Forge a partnership with UW Bioengineering that supports the mutual needs of industry and academia.

Affiliates Program members can partner with us to develop a training grant fellowship position that will support either graduate student(s) or postdoctoral fellow(s). This fellowship can be structured to support research and training in a particular area of mutual interest.

Fellowships help prepare bioengineers to assume leadership roles in industry through skill development, research support and active mentoring from academic and industry advisers. Training grant partnerships may be single- or multi-year appointments.

  • Create a singular learning experience for UW Bioengineering students
  • Help translate research advancements into real-world impacts
  • Help prepare the next generation of bioengineering leaders

One example is the Philips Graduate Student Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medical Imaging, in partnership with Philips, Inc.

An advantage of these sponsored fellowships for trainees is that they can receive ‘valued added’ benefits by partnering with our departmental NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) program. Trainees will benefit from:

  • Increased interaction with trainees and faculty in their area of research interest
  • A senior team of interdisciplinary faculty who select, supervise and review trainees
  • A Clinical Preceptorship program with multiple options for Imaging/Diagnostic/Treatment modalities
  • Opportunities to present their research in a training program annual symposium and to travel to national/international conferences to present their work

If you would like to partner on a UW BioE Training Grant, or to learn more, please complete the following online form:
Request for Information/Volunteer (For Industry)