The PwC analytics group is hiring for multiple full-time positions at different staff levels.  Our analytics team supplies clients with quantitative solutions such as mathematical modeling of physical and business systems, statistical analysis of large data sets, and development of data visualization tools.  Your initial immediate assignment would be to our health industry practice to provide support for development of a large-scale computational system dynamics model of physical scientific systems, including development, coding, and calibration.

Key Skills:
- Ability to collaborate and work effectively in a team.
- Strong verbal and written communication skills.
- Prioritizing and handling multiple tasks, researching and analyzing pertinent client, industry and technical matters, and utilizing problem-solving skills.
- Understanding and applying analytical techniques that correlate to business value.
- Being able to select the appropriate analytical techniques for the problem.
- Researching of technical academic literature, synthesizing information and preparing documents.
- Developing, coding and calibrating mathematical computer models of physical scientific systems.
- Using data analysis to extract and summarize information.
- Designing and implementing a data collection program.
- Ability to work with Analytics team and non-technical team members.

- Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and PhDs considered.
- Education in biomedical engineering preferred (other engineering fields, applied mathematics, and computational science will be considered).
- College level course work in physics, multi-variable calculus, linear algebra and differential equations
- Experience with mathematical modeling of physical systems.
- Experience with statistical data analysis.
- Understanding of technical academic literature.
- Experience with computer programming languages (Java, C, Python, Go, Julia), simulation software (Matlab, AnyLogic) and statistical software (R, SAS, SPSS). Experience with all preferred but not required.
- Interest in human physiology and healthcare preferred.
- Geography is open to major office.
- Ability to travel.
- Fluent in English with excellent communication and writing skills.

If interested in applying, please contact Sam Burns by March 31st at: