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Access to our online BioE Internships and Jobs Board –reserved only for bioengineering positions – lets you connect with talented UW Bioengineering students and alumni. Whether you’re seeking an employee for short-term, part-time, full-time or internship work, the BioE Internships and Jobs Board is your best connection to top BioE talent.

To learn more about the skills that UW BioE students are learning, see the UW BioE Curriculum pages for undergraduates, master’s students and PhD students.
To post positions in other (NON-bioengineering) engineering fields, check out the HuskyJobs board.

When will my job be posted?
Once the job information is received by BioE Affiliates Program staff via the web form, the posting will appear on the Internships and Job Board in approximately 24 hours. Upon posting, BioE-AP will alert Bioengineering students to the new position and publicize the posting to our BioE alumni community through our social media platforms. Positions will remain on the Jobs Board until BioE-AP is notified that the position has been filled or the company requests its removal.

Job Post Instructions
1. Click on the Job Post Form below.
2. Complete the form by entering the job description and details. Please review your entries carefully, as BioE-AP staff does not edit the postings.
3. Your job will appear on the BioE-AP Internships and Jobs Board  in approximately 24 hours.
4. Notify BioE-AP when the position has been filled or when the job should be removed from the Jobs Board.

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