Seattle Children’s Research Institute (Seattle, WA)    BioE-AP Internship Code: 0214SC

Mechatronic System Development Intern

Start Date: 6/16/2014

End Date: 9/12/2014

Hourly rate:  TBD

Application Deadline: 2/28/14

Internship Description:

We are a small, multi-disciplinary team based the Centers for Developmental Therapeutics and Integrative Brain Research at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, located at Ninth and Stewart in Downtown Seattle. Our team is comprised of designers, engineers, pulmonary researchers, neuro scientists, and clinicians. Seattle Children’s Research Institute is associated with Seattle Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington.

We are looking for a Senior / Masters level intern to assist us with the on-going development of a brain-computer interface (BCI) system that we use to control a ventilator.

Required Skills:

A suitable candidate will be able to demonstrate an established background bringing mechatronic-type systems together. This background should include hands-on experience integrating sensors (e.g., pressure, flow, temp, etc.), control hardware (e.g., actuators, valves, etc.), and software (e.g. LabView).

Desired Skills:

This project will be one of a number of active projects in our lab. Experience as both a member and a leader/manager of a team will help you succeed in your work with us as you will be expected to work with a degree of independence and maturity. A suitable candidate will be able to interact and work well with the engineers, scientists, and the Project Manager. A demonstrated interest in medical device development and experience building test equipment in a research environment are desired but not essential requirements for this position.