C4C leads the way when it comes to coaching researchers through the commercialization process. Get a snapshot of our “Innovation Ecosystem” and how we facilitate opportunities for our researchers.

We Propel UW Research Projects Out of the Lab and Into People’s Lives

As you read this, UW researchers in hundreds of labs are making extraordinary innovations. As America’s number one federally funded public research university, UW is producing innovations that have the power to change the world—from biofuel alternatives, to more effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and brain cancer, to purification technology for drinking water in the developing world. C4C is committed to getting these research outcomes into products, services, therapies, diagnostics, and cures to where they can impact millions of people.

Since 2005, C4C has supported the commercialization of more than 100 projects, provided comprehensive mentoring and over $4 million in grants, and helped spin out new companies. These include, Fate Therapeutics, EnerG2, MicroGREEN Polymers, and Farecast. Read some of our recent C4C Case Studies.

Early engagement with our office means more commercially relevant innovation

We work with researchers before they’re ready to disclose an innovation. Months, or even years, before that point. We want to understand their vision of the next three-to-five years, since the most precious resource researchers have, even beyond research funds, is their time (and their grad students’ time.) We want to know the range of research areas and problems they’re considering.

Collaboration between academia and industry empowers our researchers

We seek out members of industry who are acquainted with our researchers’ fields to discuss what is most needed and sought after by industry. We’ll do due diligence on the commercial potential of a project long before any intellectual property emerges, and review our discoveries and perspective with our researchers.

Building relationships is part of building a researcher’s success

If you see us on campus meeting with a researcher, representatives from industry, or venture capitalists, we’re not necessarily hoping to execute a license deal. We’re forging relationships. C4C is a business development team for our researchers—supplying the relevant state-of-the-industry information they need to move forward most effectively.

Innovation is important. Commercially relevant innovation is vital

Through our relationships with industry, we strive to position UW researchers to work on important problems so we can build an innovation pipeline with impact.