• Deborah Alterman
  • Forest Bohrer
  • Ryan Buckmaster
  • Mike Clarke
  • Laura Dorsey
  • Gail Dykstra
  • Roï Eisenkot
  • Jeanette Ennis
  • Fred Holt
  • Chris Igielski
  • Vikram Jandhyala
  • Christina Jordan
  • Jasbir (Jesse) Kindra
  • Clare LaFond
  • Andrew Laughlin
  • Jennifer McCullar
  • Lisa Norton
  • Elizabeth Scallon
  • Patrick Shelby
  • Scott Smith
  • Patrick Turner
  • Celine Gorski-Williams
  • Fiona Wills
  • Gene Yelden
  • Lindsie Goss


Office of the Vice Provost

Vikram Jandhyala

Vice Provost for Innovation

Sarah McDonald

Assistant to the Vice Provost of Innovation

Catherine Opie

Admin. Asst. / Scheduler for VP – Innovation

Operations and Human Resources

Deborah Flores

Director of Operations & HR

Sara Burmeister

Financial Operations Manager

Saul Clifasefi

Contract Manager

Justin Dietz

Project Manager of IT Systems

Johnathon Giang

Associate Contract Manager

Robert Glass

Software Engineer

Sarica Sampson


Emily Sampson

Revenue & Expense Coordinator

Elaine F. Tobin

Intellectual Property Program Coordinator

Technology Licensing

Fiona Wills

Director, Technology Licensing

Ryan Buckmaster

Technology Manager, Engineering

Laura Dorsey

Senior Technology Manager, Engineering & Sciences

Gail Dykstra

Senior Technology Manager, Software

Roï Eisenkot

Technology Manager, Bioengineering

Dennis Hanson

Senior Technology Manager, Life Sciences

Jennifer S. McCullar

Senior Technology Manager, Life Sciences

Lisa Norton

Associate Director, Technology Licensing

Gene Yelden

Senior Technology Manager, Engineering

Lindsie Goss

Technology Manager, Life Sciences

Strategic Initiatives

Fred B. Holt

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Clare LaFond

Marketing and Communications Officer

Conrado Tapado

Marketing and Communications Associate

New Ventures Unit

Patrick Shelby

Director, New Ventures

Celine Gorski-Williams

Manager of Operations, New Ventures Facility

Jeanette G. Ennis

GAP Funding Manager

Josh Pan

Partner Relations Manager

Chris Igielski

Associate Director for Early-Stage Funding

Elizabeth Scallon

Associate Director for New Ventures Facility

Mike Clarke

Head of Product Design & Development

Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Jasbir (Jesse) Kindra

Director, Intellectual Property Management

Jonathan Balise

Program Assistant, IPM & NV

Linda Bui

Program Assistant

Rosanne Chow

Intellectual Property Paralegal

Maryn Gerdes

Lead Technology Management Administrator

Andrew Graham

Patent Portfolio Manager

Marianne Houghton

Technology Management Administrator

Christine Hurdle

Intellectual Property Paralegal

Christina Jordan

Patent Portfolio Manager

Andrew Laughlin

Patent Portfolio Manager

James Lowry

Agreements Manager

Ariadna A. Santander

Agreements Officer

Amy Simmonsen

Technology Management Administrator

Scott E. Smith

Copyright & Trademark Manager

Patrick Turner

Patent Portfolio Manager