Training Xchange In-Person Training
Training Xchange helps researchers disseminate their interventions, programs, or tools and increase the visibility of their research findings.

Training Xchange

Training Xchange aims to change how things are done, not just transfer information.

For Researchers and Developers

We have developed a Research Translation Accelerator service that guides researchers and developers through a step-by-step process to create an effective training.

STEP 1. Translate information and materials from the research context into the real world
  • Reduce complex, detailed research procedure manuals into simpler, user-friendly training materials
  • Integrate the content developers (e.g., researchers) as training content experts
  • Develop “implementation-ready” products from research protocols
STEP 2. Design in-person and/or online training products
  • Define the scope of the trainings (agenda, timing, mix of teaching techniques, breadth and depth of course materials, etc.)
  • Choose online learning options appropriate to their needs and resources – ranging from lecture capture to studio-developed content
STEP 3. Manage the trainings
  • Administer both in-person and online trainings
  • Develop all needed training materials and services
  • Evaluate the trainings for ongoing quality improvement

For Trainees

Utilizing adult learning techniques, our highly interactive trainings focus on tangible skills and practical knowledge that trainees can immediately use.

Offer a variety of training types
  • Discrete, self-contained programs that an agency could implement at their site
  • Skills-based trainings that improve an individual professional’s knowledge base
  • In-person and online options
Accommodate a broad range of participants
  • Practicing professionals and staff who use the program or skill directly
  • Administrators and supervisors who support and implement service changes
Provide services to agency administration
  • Customized training to meet the needs of a particular agency
  • Performance feedback and targeted booster trainings within an agency
  • Option of secure data entry portals on the agency’s system


The Training Xchange platform is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art system that simplifies the tasks of creating and marketing training, registering attendees, and deploying training programs.