Outgoing Materials Transfer Agreements (for-Profit)

UW routinely shares materials with researchers at for-profit institutions; however, some of the materials may be part of a UW licensing portfolio. In order to help protect your IP, the Agreements Group can review these Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) in collaboration with you to determine if an MTA is an appropriate document for the transfer of your materials.

Steps for UW Researchers:

  1. Please send an email request to the Center for Commercialization’s (C4C) Agreements Group with a) a brief description of the materials, b) the name of the researcher requesting the materials, and c) the name of the for-profit institution with which he or she is affiliated.

    Additionally, please provide a) a brief description of what the receiving party will be doing with the materials, b) where the materials originated, c) the funding source that led to the development, d) whether there has been a recent publication, and e) and whether the materials will be formally disclosed to the UW C4C.

  2. We will then draft the MTA, send it via email attachment to the receiving party, and copy the UW Principal Investigator ("PI") on all email correspondence.