16th annual UW Biz Plan Competition is underway; 91 submissions whittled to 37 teams in first round

lighbulbThe UW Business Plan Competition, now celebrating its 16th year, brings student-entrepreneurs with the passion, acumen, and big ideas together with judges from the Northwest entrepreneurial community in a multi-stage, real-world challenge.

This year’s 91 submissions “demonstrate the remarkable creativity of students and their ability to pinpoint business opportunities ranging from health care, clean tech and consumer products, to micro hotels and 3-D printing,” said BPC co-chairs Emilia Griswold (MBA 2014) and Liza Green (MBA 2014). Current trends include a focus on consumer products and service/retail (45% of plans feature such innovations as coloring your hair with gold nanoparticles, creating a virtual tour of your home, and camps and coaching for female athletes). We’re also seeing strong IT/software/internet plans, targeted social networks, more environmental innovation, and solutions to world health problems. How cool is a device that could diagnose malaria with one drop of blood in one minute?

The Screening Round, the initial round of the competition, is complete and 37 teams have made the cut from 91 submissions. The next stage is the Investment Round on April 24 in the Husky Union Building (HUB) Ballroom.


  • Acti Digital Health created ActiFit, a revolutionary dietary management solution for Apple iPhone users.
  • Biomethane creates greenhouse-gas-negative vehicle fuel from dairy waste.
  • BOSS Medical is developing new orthopedic technologies that improve clinical outcomes while decreasing healthcare costs compared to current procedures and devices.
  • Cell Focus will produce a low-cost cell phone based microscope targeting the world health, schools, and parental markets.
  • Chinese Radio Seattle is a modern radio for the Chinese community in the greater Seattle area.
  • CommitChange provides access to powerful fundraising tools and detailed analytics to assist in online fundraising efforts.
  • Crystal Acuity sells enterprise software that is optimized for tablet usage in order to give insight to all levels of management related to the health and performance of project investments.
  • Disease Diagnostic Group will provide a tool for a handheld diagnosis of Maleria in one minute with just one drop of blood from a fingertip for a single use cost of just $0.20.
  • Elemental Hotels will provide clean, minimalistic, low cost, modern micro hotel rooms.
  • GlobalGraynz brings international flavors to households in India by making available specialty multi cuisine ingredients through an innovative shopping experience.
  • GoldyLochs has developed a hair and natural fiber coloring system using gold-nanoparticles and plans to license out to existing hair coloring firms.
  • GSD Devices is creating a durable 11x17in rollable tablet to increase efficiency in the construction industry.
  • H2.Ois developing and commercializing a product that can access an untapped renewable energy source.
  • Hemel Boards Company produces locally-produced paddle-boards.
  • HomeValet connects homeowners and property managers to service professionals who are available at the time of need.
  • iHome3D is a smartphone app that can create a virtual tour and floor plan of a house in a matter of minutes.
  • InsuLenz has developed a “smart” polymer contact lenses to provide a bio-responsive and needle-free insulin delivery platform for diabetics.
  • LionTail Cycles has created an electric assist system for bicycles to integrate lights, a sound system, smartphone charging and display, and more.
  • MakeSpace is a cafe style 3D printing company that hopes to introduce the world of 3D printing to Seattle.
  • My Pinewood Design is a website offering a simple design tool enabling the creation of custom pinewood derby cars for children and families participating in an organization like the cub scouts or YMCA.
  • NIA Wheel produces and sells a brain wave controlled power wheelchair.
  • nomON is a new mobile randomization app that makes ordering delivery food crazy easy and fun.
  • Octave is a mobile application that teaches the fundamentals of signing to beginners and amateur singers in a fun way.
  • PolyDrop plans to enter the growing conductive coating market.
  • Positive Performance provides young athletes the mental tools and training needed to maximize potential, both on and off the field, through an online mobile app.
  • Pure Blue Technologies is developing a novel industrial water treatment solution that’s more efficient at a lower cost.
  • Recurrence Inc brings business school instruction to the 21st century by gamifying the traditional business case study, and converting it into a video game.
  • SharpeFit is a virtual online sizing tool for consumers to ensure they get the right size when shopping for apparel online.
  • ShunTek produces a medical device that provides a minimally invasive way to minimize blood loss in inferior vena cava trauma by stanching blood flow and simultaneously maintaining venous return.
  • Sound THC will produce cannabis candies in the newly legal recreational marijuana market.
  • TapDingo is a mobile service targeted towards the business traveler in an unfamiliar city to provide a real-time, relevant itinerary of top sights, restaurants and events.
  • TBL Building Solutions is a software plug-in that integrates with design software in order to provide building professionals with environmental data on the building materials in their projects.
  • Tinker is an interactive and social iPad adventure game designed for young women, designed to build confidence and familiarity with STEM through episodic challenges.
  • Torch Illumination is a candle company with a mission: for every two candles purchased a solar light will be delivered to an impoverished individual living off the grid.
  • TriboTEX is commercializing PhD research to repair industrial machinery during normal operation using nanotechnology.
  • Upcycled will allow users to create substitution of wood fuel in India, where 49% of the nation uses wood fuel for cooking.
  • Z Girls provides camps and coaching to 11–14 year old female athletes using the Compass Curriculum™, which covers topics like goal-setting, positive self-talk, body image, building confidence, and nutrition.


  • Earths Elegance created an innovative glass tile as a direct substitute for granite or any other natural stone, offered at a lower price and lighter weight than any products.
  • Vetna has designed a diagnostic system called VetDNA, which brings testing techniques into offices which could not afford the space, capital and training investments to implement DNA testing using manual methods.
  • KeySense Games provides a learning aid in the form of a board game to teachers for the visually impaired that keeps students engaged and encourages social development.