C4C’s Training Xchange Featured in UW Medicine Consult

C4C’s Training Xchange, a program that bridges the gap between UW researchers and health care practitioners, is featured in the Winter edition of UW Medicine Consult. Consult is a a quarterly UW Medicine publication that goes out to practitioners in the northwest (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Oregon).

The program, founded in 2009 by UW’s Dr. Paul Ciechanowski and Allison Waddell, converts research results into actionable instruction for patient care. Training Xchange was borne out of frustration Ciechanowski experienced during a decade of writing clinical research grants and conducting randomized trials. In that time he witnessed perhaps the main downside to academia’s publishing mandate.

“You are so busy that you have no bandwidth to get traction on results. You’re midstream in one grant and hustling to write the next two, especially in the current funding environment,” he said.

Training Xchange helps researchers disseminate their interventions, programs, or tools to those for whom they were intended.

Read the entire story in UW Medicine Consult.