Innovator Recognition 2013 celebrates entrepreneurial spirit

Story by Clare LaFond
Photos by Conrado Tapado

Watch the C4C Innovator Recognition Video.

University of Washington President Michael Young joined more than 200 guests from across campus Dec. 10 for C4C’s second annual Innovator Recognition event. The event celebrated UW’s entrepreneurial researchers, faculty, and the many talent philanthropists working with them to propel ideas out of the lab and into the marketplace. Sixteen researchers competed in C4C’s Innovator Showcase 2013, which previewed the latest spin-out technologies and gave researchers the opportunity to discuss their journeys from lab to market.

During C4C’s “People’s Choice” poster voting competition, guests had the chance to vote for their top two Innovator Showcase poster presenters. And the winners are… Proteus Biologics and BiliCam. Proteus Biologics is the work of Ingrid Swanson Pultz and David Baker and was formed to transition an oral enzyme therapeutic designed in the Baker lab into the clinic to help patients with celiac disease, a gluten-induced disease of the intestinal tract. BiliCam uses smartphones to detect dangerous levels of bilirubin in newborns, a potentially fatal condition that causes jaundice. BiliCam’s research team includes Lilian de Greef, Mayank Goel, Shwetak Patel, Jim Stout and James A. Taylor. Based on votes cast and counted, C4C announced it is awarding Proteus Biologics $6,000 and BiliCam $4,000 in commercialization funding to be used for C4C-approved commercialization activities.


Photography: Conrado Tapado