Q & A with Linden Rhoads in PSBJ

UW C4C portraitsPuget Sound Business Journal reporter Emily Parkhurst interviewed UW Vice Provost for Commercialization Linden Rhoads to discuss what it means to spin out a company from the university and how commercialization has become a selling point for attracting top researchers.

Parkhurst: So can commercialization efforts actually become a selling point for attracting researchers to the university?

Rhoads: That is not well understood by the community, but the primary purpose of tech transfer is to help the university. It’s so important to researchers to have an impact, from medicine to computer science, and even the inventors in the departments of music or psychology. For new, younger faculty, the idea of having an impact is enormously important. They want programmatic and policy support to help them see that the fruits of their research really get to people and patients. We consider this office’s primary function to be to help make sure those researchers doing the most important work in the world know that this is the best place to do that research. It’s not only to attract faculty, but also the best graduate students in the world.

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