Start-up company Lamprogen to join C4C Incubator

UW biomedical spin-out Lamprogen, founded by UW Professor of Chemistry Daniel Chiu, has joined the C4C New Ventures Facility (NVF). The NVF at Fluke Hall is a business incubator that provides dedicated space and facilities for translational research and for early-stage business development of technologies en route to commercialization.

Lamprogen’s mission is to bring new products to market that address the needs of the biomedical community and in the biological and chemical sciences. In particular, Lamprogen focuses on taking its key competency in developing polymeric nanoparticles and microfluidic devices for enhancing the sensitivity and robustness of currently available methods used in the life sciences, especially methods that rely on optical readouts.

Says Dr. Chiu, “We’re excited to be part of the New Ventures Facility because it allows Lamprogen to interact closely with the academic community. By working at this strategic interface between academia and industry, Lamprogen hopes to introduce new products that address the unmet needs in biomedical research, ranging from genetic analysis to cellular studies.”