The UW as Idea Factory: Vice Provost for Innovation Vikram Jandhyala has a vision for turning the UW into a hub for entrepreneurship

Vikram Jandhyala, UW Vice Provost for Innovation. Photo by Conrado Tapado.

Vikram Jandhyala,
UW Vice Provost for Innovation

UW Vice Provost of Innovation Vikram Jandhyala believes in the power of entrepreneurial thinking – and doing. And he sees UW innovators – faculty, students, and research staff – as key leaders in taking these ideas to impact. With UW’s continued success in encouraging tech transfer to private companies and in launching new startups, the next step “is about taking all that creativity and putting it back into the fabric of the academic institution,” he says.

Jandhyala’s vision is to create a new generation of entrepreneurs and an inclusive innovation culture at UW by nurturing entrepreneurial thinking and creating spaces where students, professors and entrepreneurs can meet, exchange ideas and launch startups. Creating such an environment would not only help prepare students to launch their own companies, he says, but would also attract more entrepreneurially-minded students and professors who are key to changing campus culture.

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