UW Researchers Improve Spirometry Testing and Asthma Care for Kids

Spirometry, the measuring of breath, is the most common of the pulmonary function tests (PFTs), measuring lung function, and an important tool for assessing conditions such as asthma. Properly performed diagnostic spirometry and its correct interpretation are typically missing in primary care, and there are increasing calls for widespread training efforts to mitigate this deficiency.

University of Washington researchers developed a suite of online resources that include a multi-media tutorial, case-based “virtual classroom” training sessions led by clinical experts, and customized, remote feedback of spirometry tests performed at the point of care. A randomized trial of this training and feedback program demonstrated measurable improvement in the quality of spirometry testing, and in the process of asthma care in primary care pediatric offices.

Dr. James Stout talks about this study, and the further development and implementation of the training known as Spirometry 360 in this short video.