UW Spin-out Zplasma featured in Xconomy & UW Today

ZplasmaUW spin-out company Zplasma, co-founded by UW professors Uri Shumlak, Aeronautics & Astronautics, and Brian Nelson, Electrical Engineering, are featured in the Xconomy story: “New UW Spinout Zplasma Aims to Keep Moore’s Law Humming” and UW Today story: “Plasma startup creates high-energy light to make smaller microchips.” Shumlak and Nelson have developed a method for producing the high-powered light used to turn pieces of silicon into powerful microprocessors that make modern computing possible. The company is led by former Center for Commercialization (C4C) entrepreneur-in-residence Henry Berg, a veteran of start-up companies who has also worked in Vulcan’s Advanced Technology R&D group and for Microsoft. Berg was introduced to Shumlak and Nelson through the C4C.

Berg is now talking to leaders of semiconductor companies in search of possible partnerships to develop the Zplasma technology further. He envisions the technology will be used to make silicon chips in high volume.