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"The opening of this new incubator signals our commitment to strengthening entrepreneurship at the UW. We’ve been providing the mentorship and are now going the next step in providing the space for faculty and students to work alongside highly successful and experienced Washington entrepreneurs on UW spin-outs." Michael Young
University of Washington President

Joining the C4C New Ventures Facility

The New Ventures Facility (NVF) provides a facility and services to support UW technology-based start-up companies, who have generally worked closely with C4C. The NVF will be an integral part of the support offered by C4C, through its New Ventures group, to entrepreneurial researchers at the UW. The space includes wet labs, dry labs, offices and meeting space. In addition, NVF programming and events will strengthen the community for UW start-ups.

As NVF space becomes available, candidate companies will be prioritized by their viability and by the depth of their mutually beneficial engagement with the UW research community.

Criteria for NVF Candidates

  • Must be a company (tax ID, insurance)
  • Must be working with C4C New Ventures
    • Preference for UW licensees
    • Preference for EIR-led companies
  • Current funding and credible funding plan in place
  • Current focus on product development
  • Desire and willingness to participate in NVF activities

Annual Lease Agreements

To stay in the NVF, companies will sign annual leases, all of which expire on June 30th. The lease terms are non-negotiable. The lease rate includes space, utilities, shared facilities, and services.

Each year, both parties must agree to extend the lease. For its part, the NVF will evaluate the benefit provided to the UW community by the company’s continued stay, the company’s continued viability, and the prioritization of this client relative to other candidates.

Apply for Tenancy

If you meet the candidate criteria and would like to be considered for space in the NVF, please complete the form below. Note that no confidential information should be provided via this form.

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