UW Start-ups

More than 250 companies have been started by UW template students and faculty or with UW technology.

Marine Construction Technologies is commercializing an acoustically optimized pile driving system for building structures in sensitive aquatic environments.
SNUPI Technologies, will market small wireless, battery-powered sensing devices that can detect a variety of home hazards, such as water leaks.
Portage Bay Photonics is developing integrated silicon photonic devices that will enable revolutionary increases in the speed of optical systems, computers and other communication devices.
Zplasma Zplasma is bringing to market an extreme ultraviolet light source for high-volume silicon lithography.
Zensi Zensi’s technology uses advanced pattern recognition techniques to monitor device-specific energy usage. Belkin acquired the company in 2009.
Ionographics Ionographics, Inc. is a computer-aided electrochemical microfabrication technology company.