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Checking out a prospective location.

March 2007
A hardy group of ringers go up Gerberding tower and try to imagine what it might look like with bells. The high ceiling conjures up the prospect of a long draught, but in the end the space was divided into a belfry and a ringing room.
Photo credits: Harry Stern

The bells arrive in crates, go on display in Red Square and are hoisted up into the tower.

Monday, April 28th, 2008
The eight bells traveled by sea and land all the way from Eijsbouts foundry in the Netherlands where they were cast. Here you can see them making the final, vertical stage of their journey into the tower of Gerberding Hall. Seattle lived up to its rainy reputation and the bells started the day with a shower, but the sun was out by the time the project representatives and friends came to see the bells proudly lined up.
Photo credits: Susan Burris, Sarah Paliulis

The bells settle into their new home.

Monday, April 28th, 2008
We have been meeting regularly on Mondays to ring handbells, but this was a special day so we took some time out to go and take a look at the progress so far. At this point the wheels and ropes had not yet been fitted.
The bells are arranged radially, with access to the belfry through the center. This is somewhat rare; bell pits are normally rectangular and aligned parallel to the walls to use all the available space.
Photo credits: Rachel Pusey

The opening ceremony.

Friday, May 30th - Sunday, June 1st, 2008
With the construction work finished and the bells ready, we rushed to get the tower ready for our visitors. At 11am on Saturday invited guests braved the rain to hear speeches from President Emmert, Gordon Peek (the donor), and Rebecca Woodgate (our tower captain). Key figures from the project rang the bells in turn as each dedication was announced for the audience in the square by Vancouver ringer Peter Munns. After the official ringing, we continued the socializing over dinner.
Photo credits: Rachel Pusey, John Pusey