Campaign Coordinators

“My favorite part of being a coordinator is educating my friends on the many great organizations there are, and how easy it is to support them.”  ~ Joel Larson,  Institute of Technology

UWCFD campaign coordinators are the key to a successful campaign. This role is vital in creating healthy charities and healthy communities. Team UWCFD is comprised of coordinators, campaign assistants, UWCFD staff and volunteers, and key campus community members. Serving on behalf of the UW Combined Fund Drive benefits donors, nonprofit organizations, and our community.

 “My favorite part about being a coordinator is organizing fundraisers. It is so great to see my colleagues come together and raise money for such great causes!”  ~ Jennifer Mallahan, Labor Relations

Interested in joining Team UWCFD? Coordinators are appointed by their dean, director, chair, or chancellor. If you would like to help support the work of charities in our community, check with your supervisor about serving as a campaign coordinator for the UW Combined Fund Drive or contact the UWCFD Office at for more information.

“My favorite part about being a coordinator is learning from the amazing, inspirational, and generous people and organizations who participate. I hope I’m effective in facilitating monthly giving through payroll deduction and I like to promote the opportunity to give by this method to my colleagues. It is very easy and has helped me budget so that I can give more.”  ~ Diana Knight, Chemistry

Campaign Coordinator Description

Campaign coordinators are truly the heart of the UW Combined Fund Drive. As a volunteer campaign coordinator, you are responsible for running and promoting the campaign in your unit or department. You have the opportunity to participate in training and work with your campaign assistant to develop and execute your campaign plan, coordinate events, make presentations, and distribute materials. By working with your campaign assistant and using the resources in the toolkit, you can create and implement a successful campaign plan.


  • Educate employees about the many benefits of giving through the UW Combined Fund Drive
  • Provide opportunities for employees to contribute to their favorite nonprofits organizations via payroll deduction or one-time gift
  • Manage a successful campaign
  • Have fun!

Role of the Coordinator

  • Engage your colleagues & market your campaign
    • Help create a culture of philanthropy in your department.
    • Ask your manager to get involved by sharing the campaign’s importance with your colleagues.
    • Ask your colleagues to help you plan and execute your campaign
    • Share campaign materials including posters, charity guides, charity brochures, giveaways, and videos to help market your campaign
    • Have fun! Hold fundraisers and contests to make the campaign enjoyable and inviting.
  • Raise awareness about the many benefits of giving
    • Educate your fellow employees about how they can make a lasting impact locally, nationally, and globally
    • Communicate how their gifts impact nonprofits
  • Connect your colleagues to their favorite causes
    • Let them know how easy it is to support the causes they care about through payroll deduction
  • Share information through small group presentations, nonprofit speakers, and personal stories
    • Make a presentation to your colleagues
    • Arrange for charity speakers to tell their stories at staff and other small group meetings
  • Ask your colleagues to invest in the causes they care about most. Use email, presentations, in person discussions, your supervisor, and nonprofit speakers to help make the ask.
  • Thank everyone for participating