2014 Combined Fund Drive


Support Disaster Relief Efforts in Nepal

A devastating earthquake has hit Nepal near Kathmandu, and the impact has extended into India and Tibet, killing and injuring thousands. Survivors urgently need food, clean water, and other life-saving aid. The international community is responding, and help is desperately needed. You can support the relief efforts of any of the following nonprofit organizations working on the ground right now through payroll deduction or credit card donation:

  • Americares, charity code 0315518
  • American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, charity code 1468727
  • CARE, charity code 0315522
  • Catholic Relief Services, charity code 0315527
  • Crooked Trails, charity code 1479170
  • Doctors Without Borders, charity code 0315935
  • Gospel for Asia, charity code 1479731
  • International Medial Corps, charity code 1479246
  • Living Earth Institute, charity code 0332208
  • Lutheran World Relief, charity code 0315529
  • Mercy Corps, charity code 0316589
  • Operation USA, charity code 0456940
  • Oxfam America, charity code 0316360
  • Samaritan’s Purse, charity code 0315531
  • Save the Children, charity code 0315475
  • US Fund for UNICEF, charity code 0315489
  • Wide Open Vistas, charity code 1481659
  • World Vision, charity code 0315561

UW’s Nepalese Student Association has also set up an earthquake relief fund to which you can contribute. This is a special fund which is not part of the UW Combined Fund Drive, but we are in support of the Nepalese Student Association, their families, and their friends.

Earth Day Challenge Results

Because of your generosity, we exceeded our goal and raised $2,035 for 35 premier conservation groups doing great work right here in our community! Thank you for your support. Every dollar donated, hour volunteered, and pledge committed has helped make our planet greener. We are also excited to announce that UW took top awards overall for their generosity. Here is a message from EarthShare Washington:

Every year, to recognize Earth Day, we challenge Washington companies, schools, community groups, and individuals to make a change, raise funds, and volunteer for premier conservation charities.

We would like to thank everyone who made the 2015 Earth Day Challenge a success, especially our sponsors. We would also like to thank Denis Hayes, organizer of the very first Earth Day, who served as our Honorary Chair.

We are happy to announce that in two short weeks we raised almost $7000 from individual donors for our 35 participating environmental charities and logged nearly 350 volunteer hours for conservation.

We also had 51 people (well 49 people and 2 dogs) make Earth Day Pledges to do their share (see http://www.earthdayvolunteer.org/do-your-share-entries for inspiration on what you might want to tackle in 2015.)

While the groups working on Climate Change and Energy, Environmental Education, Parks and Land Conservation, Human Health/Children’s Health, Water Issues and Wildlife Protection who receive funding from the Challenge were the real winners, we want to hand out some awards for those teams taking part:

Overall Value to the environment

(Volunteer hours @ $10 per hour + donations)

  1. Mithun
  2. University of Washington Combined Fund Drive
  3. Lane Powell
  4. Callison
  5. Adobe

Top volunteer teams

  1. UW Combined Fund Drive
  2. Adobe
  3. Mithun
  4. Accenture
  5. Ross Strategic

Top givers

  1. Mithun
  2. Lane Powell
  3. Callison          
  4. UW Combined Fund Drive
  5. Puget Sound Energy

Congratulations, UW!

UWMC Team Transplant Fundraiser

UWMC Team Transplant, a program of the UWMC Service League, is a wellness/fitness/walking/running/training program for transplant patients, friends, and families. Team Transplant is currently hosting a credit card fundraiser through the 2015 UWCFD campaign. Make a donation today to support Team Transplant!