2014 Combined Fund Drive

Benefits of Giving

Nonprofit Organizations Benefit

LandesaA new landowner.

It is one of the most inexpensive ways to fundraise and one of their largest sources of income.
“Seventy-five percent of the world’s poorest people live in rural areas where land is a primary source of income, security, opportunity, and status. Over the past 50 years, Landesa has helped secure land rights for over 109 million families, allowing them to lift themselves, and their communities, out of poverty. Our new goal: secure land rights for an additional 20 million families by the end of 2015. Your gifts will support Landesa as we work with farmers, governments, and community leaders to provide new land-based opportunities for the rural poor.”
Roy Prosterman, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Landesa

Neighborhood HouseYouth supported by Neighborhood House.

Nonprofits generally receive larger gifts. Employees are able to give more through payroll deduction than a one-time gift.
“We believe we can end poverty. Since 1906, Neighborhood House has helped Seattle and King County’s immigrants, refugees, and low-income people overcome economic, educational, and employment challenges. With programs ranging from prenatal support to senior services, we invest your UWCFD gift in the futures of the 15,000 clients we serve each year. You are helping us build bright futures for our children, create strong families, and ensure the well-being of our elders and the health of our neighborhoods, and we thank you.”
Mark Okazaki, Executive Director, Neighborhood House

Seattle World School Alumni ScholarshipsA proud student.

Nonprofits create smart budgets knowing they can depend on a steady stream of income.
“UWCFD and Seattle World School Alumni Scholarships help create a future for low-income refugee and immigrant youth from around the globe. These youth have experienced war, refugee camps, gang violence, economic hardship, and religious persecution. They came to Seattle, learned English, and made it to high school graduation. Now these first generation students need help to continue their education. With the help of the UWCFD, we provide financial support, along with 1:1 mentoring and navigation so important to college success. We are volunteer-run, so every UWCFD dollar goes directly to students. Some of our students have already made it to UW and they are thrilled!”
Nancy Peterfreund, Program Director, Seattle World School Alumni Scholarships

Washington Trails AssociationWTA protects the wilderness.
photo credit: Trevor Anderson

The campaign saves nonprofits time and money.
“When you make a pledge to Washington Trails Association through the UWCFD, you support the biggest trail maintenance and advocacy organization in the nation. While you’re at work, WTA will use your workplace gift where it’s needed most: on your favorite trail, in Olympia or D.C., or to power Washington state’s ultimate hiking resource, wta.org. Workplace donations enable Washington Trails Association to spend less time fundraising and more time building, maintaining, and protecting hiking trails.”
Kate Neville, Development Director, Washington Trails Association

Communities Benefit

Northwest Harvest's Cherry Street Food BankCustomers choose from nutritious fresh produce items at Northwest Harvest’s Cherry Street Food Bank.

Hunger relief programs benefit from UWCFD donations.
“UWCFD funds are critically important for Northwest Harvest. When employees give through the UWCFD, we’re sustained by knowing what quarterly pledges we’ll receive, plus we save substantial time and money on gift processing. CFD giving has helped us feed hundreds of thousands of hungry families and supported our distribution of over 26 million pounds of nutritious food in Washington last year. We’re grateful for the generous support of the CFD and UW employees.”
Shelley Rotondo, Executive Director, Northwest Harvest

ROOTSROOTS guests, after a night of shelter, wondering if they should expect rain.

Efforts to help the homeless are bolstered by UWCFD funding.
“ROOTS has been providing shelter to homeless youth since 2001 at our location right across the street from UW. We’re fortunate to have such amazing student and faculty volunteer support from our UW neighbors. Our Young Adult Shelter program served over 500 young adults last year, many of whom are now students or in stable housing. Your support through the UWCFD goes toward the cost of sheltering young people; in fact, you can sponsor one night of shelter for just $29. Your gift means the world to those who would otherwise sleep outside.”
Kristine Cunningham, Executive Director, Rising Out of the Shadows (ROOTS) Young Adult Shelter

The Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Karelian Bear Dog ProgramThree Karelian Bear Dogs ready for action.

UWCFD donations support animal protection services.
“The Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Karelian Bear Dog Program is on a mission to help resolve bear-human conflicts and reduce the number of bears that have to be lethally removed. Karelian Bear Dogs help their handlers re-train bears to avoid humans. The dogs also help in finding injured and orphaned wildlife, gathering evidence for poaching investigations, removing bighorn sheep and moose from roads and neighborhoods, and providing safety to handlers who always work alone in the backcountry. The handlers are responsible for all funding as the program does not receive state funds. Your help through the UW Combined Fund Drive benefits both wildlife and the people of Washington in a new and unique manner.”
Bruce Richards, Officer, Department of Fish & Wildlife

Donors Benefit

Lisa HannaLisa Hanna

Donors find choice.
“I give through the UWCFD because it’s an easy, efficient way for me to plan my giving and donate to the many nonprofits I support all at once. Having the payroll deduction option actually enables me to give more, as the donations are spread out over time. I also enjoy learning about organizations that I’m not familiar with through the UWCFD activities. Each year, I find one or two organizations that interest me, in addition to those I already support, and make donations.”
Lisa Hanna, Human Resources Consultant, UW Human Resources

Noel BainNoel Bain

Donors find it’s easy.
“I give because of the huge need for social services in my community that I care so much about. I appreciate that the UWCFD method makes giving so easy for both me and the social service providers I select. It’s easy to select payroll deduction and my service provider gets ONE easy check donation. It’s extremely cost efficient, and it enables more focus on needed services rather than overhead cost.”
Noel Bain, Fiscal Specialist II, Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Brianne KegleyBrianne Kegley

Donors appreciate that it’s tax-deductible.
“I give because I love the variety of the UWCFD charities I can give to. Whatever mood I’m in, I’m able to give, all at once, to multiple charities and causes that touch my heart. I give donations as gifts based on the interests of my family and friends. Each year, I get a year-end statement that’s handy at tax time.”
Brianne Kegley, Patient Financial Services Supervisor, UW Medicine