2015 Combined Fund Drive

Benefits of Giving

Nonprofit Organizations Benefit

Community fundraising improves lives.

The UWCFD is one of the most inexpensive ways to fundraise and a significant source of income.

“HelpHOPELive enables people to fundraise for uninsured medical expenses, including costs associated with life-saving organ transplants. We are a national nonprofit that specializes in engaging communities in fundraising for people who need a transplant or are affected by a catastrophic injury or illness. We thank the UW Combined Fund Drive for giving patients an exceptionally quick and easy way to empower their colleagues to make tax-deductible donations to various HelpHOPELive campaigns. ‘The Combined Fund Drive has changed my life,’ says one client. ‘I owe my life to them.’”

– David Bakelman, CEO, HelpHOPELive

Neighborhood House

Nonprofits generally receive larger gifts. Employees are able to give more through payroll deduction than a one-time gift.

“We believe we can end poverty. Since 1906, Neighborhood House has helped Seattle and King County’s immigrants, refugees, and low-income people overcome economic, educational, and employment challenges. With programs ranging from prenatal support to senior services, we invest your UWCFD gift in the futures of the 15,000 clients we serve each year. You are helping us build bright futures for our children, create strong families, and ensure the well-being of our elders and the health of our neighborhoods, and we thank you.”

– Mark Okazaki, Executive Director, Neighborhood House

Seattle World School Alumni Scholarships

Nonprofits create smart budgets knowing they can depend on a steady stream of income.

“UWCFD and Seattle World School Alumni Scholarships help create a future for low-income refugee and immigrant youth from around the globe. These youth have experienced war, refugee camps, gang violence, economic hardship, and religious persecution. They came to Seattle, learned English, and made it to high school graduation. Now these first generation students need help to continue their education. With the help of the UWCFD, we provide financial support, along with 1:1 mentoring and navigation so important to college success. We are volunteer-run, so every UWCFD dollar goes directly to students. Some of our students have already made it to UW and they are thrilled!”

– Nancy Peterfreund, Program Director, Seattle World School Alumni Scholarships

Washington Trails Association

The campaign saves nonprofits time and money.

“When you make a pledge to Washington Trails Association through the UWCFD, you support the biggest trail maintenance and advocacy organization in the nation. While you’re at work, WTA will use your workplace gift where it’s needed most: on your favorite trail, in Olympia or D.C., or to power Washington state’s ultimate hiking resource, wta.org. Workplace donations enable Washington Trails Association to spend less time fundraising and more time building, maintaining, and protecting hiking trails.”

– Kate Neville, Development Director, Washington Trails Association

Communities Benefit

Clean drinking water for a community

UWCFD donations help save lives and improve health.

“Friendly Water for the World is all about effective altruism, and so is UWCFD. With our local partners, we make real differences in people’s lives, giving them the tools and skills to ensure their own safe drinking water. Together, we can put an end to the scourges of cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other waterborne diseases. We radically reduce child mortality, improve worker productivity, make it possible for children to attend school, and build more vibrant, self-sustaining communities. Your generous support through UWCFD is what makes it all happen!”

– David H. Albert, Board Chairman, Friendly Water for the World

Man’s best friend!

Animals and their owners find community with UWCFD funding.

“Our sense of community extends to the connection between pets and the people who love them. With generous donations of volunteer time and money, WAIF is able to operate with a life-saving philosophy where no time or space constraints are placed on healthy or treatable, adoptable animals who are waiting for that second or third chance for a home to call their own. Donations we receive through UWCFD support adoption efforts, Prevent-a-Litter coupons, emergency medical assistance, and education for school-age children and the community. For those animals who arrive through no fault of their own, your generous donation will serve as a promise that a happy beginning is just around the corner.”

– Charles Vreeland, Executive Director, Whidbey Animals’ Improvement Foundation (WAIF)

Enrichment activities at UWKC.

Contributions to UWCFD support efforts to aid society’s most vulnerable.

“UWCFD funds make a big difference in the lives of thousands of our neighbors. A gift to United Way helps build a community where people have homes, students graduate, and families are financially stable. We work hard so that, on average, more than 98 cents of every dollar donated goes to meet community needs. We’re grateful for your support!”

– Jon Fine, CEO and President, United Way of King County

Donors Benefit

Roderick Bernardo

Giving is easy.

“Giving is easy, especially if comes from your heart. Share your blessings with the unfortunate and for sure you’ll be blessed with more than what you have.”

– Roderick Bernardo, Security Guard, Police Department

Karen Yoneda

Donors find choice.

“In President Kennedy’s inaugural address, he spoke of the need for all Americans to be active citizens, famously saying, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.’ He asked the nations of the world to join together to fight what he called the ‘common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.’ The UW Combined Fund supports over 5,000 charities including those working for social justice and conquering poverty and disease. Whatever your concerns are, you certainly will find your favorite on the state website. If you cannot find your favorite charity, you are welcome to invite them to join the UWCFD.”

– Karen Yoneda, Fiscal Specialist, Chemical Engineering

Melissa D. Hall

Donors appreciate that itʼs tax-deductible.

“I love giving through the UWCFD and being a part of all the wonderful things these charities are doing for both our local and global communities. It’s rewarding both personally and financially. Not only are the donations tax-deductible, but the UWCFD gives a year-end report that puts all those donations in one place for tax time.”

– Melissa D. Hall, IT Security Engineer, UW Medicine

Giving is Easy