2014 Combined Fund Drive

I Give

Stories of why or how UW employees give to the UW Combined Fund Drive

Here’s why your colleagues are taking part in this year’s campaign. Which causes do you support? Why do you give? Tell us and we’ll post it here.

I give to KUOW & KCTS because I love donating to public radio/PBS and this is an easy way to give to both! Then no guilt when the pledge drive happens!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Open Adoption Family Services because I have known so many people involved in adoption, including myself and my daughter. A family adopted her in an open-adoption situation, where letters and pictures traveled back and forth. When she turned 18 we were reunited. Then, she gave me my first grandson – with me holding her right hand and her adoptive mom holding her left throughout labor. Millions are affected by adoption, which does not and should not end when papers are filed.  ~ Anonymous

I give to multiple charities because giving unto others is just a part of who I am. I enjoy helping others as much as possible. People are my passion!  ~ Anonymous

I give to my community because I believe when I leave this world, it should be a better place and I can help it be a better place by giving to others especially at work.  ~ Toni

I give to YouthCare because my oldest son fell into a bad crowd and ran away several times when he was younger. It broke my heart to see the lack of mental health & basic need support for so many kids. YouthCare helps these kids to regain control of their lives.  ~ Kris Pope, UWMC Center for Clinical Excellence

I give to Pride Foundation because it feels good!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Greater Seattle Business Association because I believe that supporting LGBTQ students is vital in contributing to the future and well-being of the Seattle LGBTQ community.  ~ Tyler Smith, UWMC Center for Clinical Excellence

I give to Childhaven because I know what a loving place it is. The teachers and staff are respectful of the child’s needs and help to give the child a safe place. Classes for the parents are offered. When you are in Childhaven you are in Love haven!  ~ Anonymous

I give to UW Combined Fund Drive because I end up on fewer mailing lists, which kills fewer trees!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Children’s Hospital Foundation because every child should be able to receive medical treatment for an illness, condition or disease regardless of the family’s ability to pay for the treatment. I give to children’s so the family not overwhelmed by the hospital bills they otherwise would be unable to pay.  ~ Karen Fincher, Chemistry

I give to NMSS – greater Washington chapter because I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. Ever since then the MS society chapter has been a great source of help to me and my family. ~ Gretchen Littell, Chemistry

I give to the Northwest Burn Foundation because I would love to be able to save lives and make a difference.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Gilda’s Club because they were there for me after a cancer diagnosis.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Tacoma Rescue Mission and Feed the Children USA because I believe children are the future and giving helps me serve those less fortunate, hoping that I’m making a difference in their lives so they can also achieve their goals.  ~ Maria Wilson

I give to United Way because others need the help.  ~ Anonymous

I give to 12 organizations because it’s easy!  ~ Anonymous

I give to KUOW because it’s my primary source of comprehensive unbiased news!  ~ Brenda Carson

I give to Westside Baby because babies need it! Basics and happiness simple as it is.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Doney Memorial Clinic because they provide free vet care to companion animals of homeless people. Loved ones give comfort and joy!  ~ Anonymous

I give to PAWS and NTAF-National Transplant Assistance Fund because I can. The ease of giving through payroll deduction helps so I know I’m helping them.  ~ Brianne K.

I give to Kiwanis because we work in the community to help everyone because I can make a difference. J  ~ Anonymous

I give to University District Food Bank because I like to help people in need who can’t afford food.  ~ Anonymous

I give because it feels good to help when I can!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Pike Place Market Foundation because they are such an integral part of Seattle. I have received so much enjoyment from visiting that I want to help them give back.  ~ Erin Rice

I give to the Little Red Schoolhouse because they provided therapy services for my special needs son.  ~ Anonymous

I give to C.A.S.A. because they helped me and now I can help them!  ~ Rachele Miller

I give to Seattle Children’s because it is the least I can do. Working at the UW makes it possible and the children are amazing.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Westside Baby because children are our future. J  ~ Alison

I give to Page Ahead because I believe kids should have their own books to read.  ~ Anonymous

I give to several charities because they are all doing great work in communities throughout our state to help so many in need.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Project Access NW (#1480962) because uninsured and underinsured people need medical care just like everyone else. Project Access is a lifesaver when you need specialty medical care and can’t otherwise afford it.  ~ Diana Knight

I give to Seattle Emergency Services because I am blessed and want to share my wealth.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Northwest Harvest to feed people who are less fortunate.  ~ Anonymous

I give to the CFD because it is the right thing to do.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Make A Wish Foundation because my heart aches for them! ~ Rosale Meriales

I give to the UW Husky Promise Fund because I agree with UW’s belief that students from all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to attend the university. The UW Husky Promise fund helps support the UW’s guarantee to cover full tuition and standard fees for eligible Washington state students. Those students struggling to pay for their education deserve our support because they are our future.  ~ Julie Garner

I give to the CFD because even though I can’t give a HUGE donation, I know giving a little makes a difference and through the CFD, my charity of choice, Smile Train, saves on administrative costs so my donation goes further. I give to Smile Train because I have a child who was born with a cleft palate and we are SO lucky to live in Seattle with world class surgeons but not every baby is that lucky…so we want to help those babies who need cleft repairs too.  ~Joan Rosenberger

I give because I feel that we are all in this life together. We are blessed with so much and it’s rewarding to share that with others. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference.  ~ Pamela Parizo

I give to Nazarene Disaster Response (Charity code #0464891, with 0% administrative fee) because my heart aches for those communities impacted by natural disasters, such as is the case in the Philippines right now. I don’t have time to be boots-on-the-ground in those communities, but I can give and help others to provide timely and needed response efforts. In addition to other relief efforts, NDR provides crisis care kits, which include basic hygiene items.  ~ Joni Kirk

I give to Wounded Warrior because my boyfriend is in the Army. I hope he never has to use that resource, but I am very glad they are there just in case.  ~ Jessica Henson

I give and volunteer because it makes a difference in my community.  ~ Chantel Gibson

I give to Samaritan’s Purse. I love that when the Philippine Islands had a disaster last week, they were immediately on course to bring them relief in terms needed of water and food. World Wide relief: I can give locally in terms of time and talent, but I love the feeling of giving worldwide to the brothers and sisters of our humankind in a tangible way. That’s a long arm reach!  ~ Tamara Young

I give back because it puts life into perspective. When I volunteer for people who are less fortunate, I am humbled.  ~ Lacy Johnston

It feels good to give. It makes a difference, whether a quiet small gift or a huge noisy gift-it all counts. Giving sets a good example. Giving brings joy to both the receiver and the giver; it multiplies the joy and the magic. Our world is in need of more magic.  ~ Karen McElhinney

I give because I can and because we’re all connected.  ~ Shosh Westen

I give because I’m able to.  ~ Simon Reeve-Parker

I give because there is such a great need and I am blessed with the ability to be able to help others and this is the perfect resource for giving.  ~ Ann Campbell

I give because I care about the world we live in and its many inhabitants, big and small.  ~ Alex Llapitan

I give because it’s the right thing to do and have been blessed in my life.  ~ Rae Pulver

I give back to the community because the community has given so much to me over the years. I try to pay a little forward, too.  ~ Leigh Goodwin

Prison Pet Partnership, Planned Parenthood and the Humane Society because these are all causes that I believe change the world.  ~ Anonymous

I give to World Vision because I have been blessed with so much and those affected by the Typhoon have so little. It’s really the least I could do.  ~ Anonymous

The whole place was ruined by the typhoon. Children specifically needed food, water and clothing above else to survive. No crops or anything to get by for everyday living. I hope my little donation can be combined with everyone else to be really big.  ~ Anonymous

I enjoy helping further the education of those who save lives.  ~ Anonymous

I give to UWCFD because I don’t get on charities’ mailing lists.  I like to spread my gifts around because there are so many in need.  I can give small amounts on a whim or change my gifts from one year to the next without receiving requests in the mail for additional gifts for years afterward.  It makes random giving a pleasure!  ~ Anonymous

Cascade Animal Protection Society (CAPS) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicate to saving the lives of homeless, injured, and unwanted animals in the Puget Sound area.  Animals live in foster homes until a furever home is found. I’ve adopted two wonderful cats from CAPS, Kate and Emma, both who lived to be 18. I continue to support CAPS through the CFD.  ~ Linda Kachinsky

I give because it’s a simple, but powerful way to make a difference in our community.   ~ Mark Stewart

I give to Patients First fund.  ~ Anonymous

CFD makes it so easy! Every year I like to find another group to add to my donor list – little steps that add up over time.  ~ Anonymous

The CFD makes it so easy for me to support so many great organizations. I give to a number of organizations that I wouldn’t normally give to this way, plus the ones I’ve always supported.   ~ Alexis Raphael

I want to do something to make the world a better place. This is something small that I can do every day that will help out in the long run.  ~ Kristi Young

I don’t have a lot, but I do have more than most.  ~ Eric

You receive so much more when you give…it just feels so good.  ~ Monica Singh

I can.   ~ Anonymous

It is a way to give back and invest forward.  ~ RPM

I give because I want to share the many blessings life has given me.  ~ Hope G. Friedlander

I receive.  Seems fair to me.  ~ Anonymous

I care about the welfare and future of my community (both local and global).  ~ W. Frederick

It feels good to “give back” when I can do that. Every little bit counts for the greater good.  ~ buzzie

I like to help make a difference. CFD makes it easy to support diverse causes at once, so I give to education, hunger relief, women’s rights. I can give to a huge organization, like Oxfam, AND to small, local organizations like BaaHaus (a shelter for farm animals) and Redeeming Soles (an organization that provides shoes for homeless people).  ~ Mary Whisner

I give to MDA because my Aunt Robin had Muscular Dystophy and the Muscular Dystrophy Association supported her and our family! We © MDA.  ~ Molly McAllister, School of Nursing

I give to NW Burn Foundation because I believe in making a difference in the lives of burn survivors. As a Fire Chief, it gives me great satisfaction to volunteer my time to help.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Northwest Burn Foundation because I believe in their mission to provide support, information, and resources to individuals in need. ~ Anonymous

I give to CFD because no advertising! I don’t get on mailing lists.  ~ Carol Winge, OEA

I give to Friends of the Animals and Camp Korey because it is important to contribute to making a difference in other people’s (and critter’s) lives.  ~ Sabrina

give to Roots Homeless Shelter because I absolutely feel we must be responsible for giving back to our communities. I believe we are all connected, and having endured homelessness I feel compassion for those who go through it.  ~ Anonymous

give to UW Combined Fund Drive because all the charities are so deserving!  ~ Susan Griffith, UWMC NICU

I give to Susan G. Komen because my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Susan G. Komen because my good friend was diagnosed and is a 3 year survivor!  ~ Anonymous

I give because someone gave to me!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Harborview because they serve an amazing patient population that always needs support.  ~ Vianny, Harborview MC – Volunteer & Community Services

I give to School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts because it allows a child to learn a fun and entertaining skill.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Harborview because it is important to give care and medical attention to those who cannot afford it.  ~ Anonymous

I give to PBS I want other children to grow up with Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street like I did. Then be inspired to be creative with painting w/Bob Ross.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Fred Hutch because I believe in the great research work they do and their mission to eliminate cancer.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Wing-it Productions because I love improv!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Golden Ears because it is a great charity.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Homeward Pets because I got my rescue cat there.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Goodwill because it provides opportunities to underprivileged people.  ~ Anonymous

I give to NW Sinfonietta to bring music to the community.  ~ Anonymous

I give to NW Burn Foundation because it brings awareness.  ~ Tracy Bui

I give to Summit Dogs because they empower people and touch our lives!! So worthy a cause! Thanks!  ~ Judy Cashman, EH & S

I give to Hopelink because there is need for assistance to underprivileged folks in our community.  ~ Anonymous

I give to 16 charities because whatever we want for ourselves comes to us when we keep passing it on.  ~ Anonymous

I give to UWCFD because I like happy people.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Northwest Harvest because everyone deserves a healthy meal.  ~ Anonymous

I give to MSF/Doctors Without Borders because this organization provides vital medical services to people in war zones and other areas of the globe that are in crisis.  ~ Helen Valentine, Restorative Dentistry

I give to CFD because it’s the best thing I do every year!  ~ Reed Keeney, Transportation Services

I give to the Sierra Club because I care about our planet and want the world to be a great place for generations to come.  ~ Alex Llapitan

I give to Make-A-Wish because I love to see children smile.  ~ Shawn

I give to St. Martin de Porres because they help folks on the margin who sometimes fall through the safety nets out there.  ~ Anonymous

I give to the Food Bank because NO ONE in the USA should be hungry – or the world!  ~ Michelle T., SEFS

I give to PAWS because I like animals.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Casa Latina because they do powerful work in the our community and promotes leadership development.  ~ Anonymous

I give to PROVAIL because I have a niece who can benefit from their services.  ~ Anonymous

I give to the UWCFD because it is the right thing to do. We can all be a philanthropist, even if it is a small amount.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Childhaven.  ~ Shelly Marriott, CPO

I give to Green Stage because I think they are amazing doing Shakespeare in the park for “FREE.”  ~ Joy Larsen, DSHS

I give to my daughter’s school because education is priority one for a young person’s success. And parent involvement is next, and works in tandem with/for a young person’s success. I volunteer my time, chair committees, and donate baked goods, etc. for the support of all kids and their education.  ~ Chris Pennington, EH & S

I give to a number of charities because it’s easy.  ~ Ruth B., Law

I give to Children’s Hospital because they are doing research for many things.  ~ Suman Chhabra, School of Law

I give to Red Cross because I want to help fellow Americans through tough times.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Doctors Without Borders because there is too much violence and suffering in the world.  ~ Bill Steele, ESS

I give to United Way to help out those less fortunate.  ~ Anonymous

I give to FareStart because they give job skills to those who need to turn their lives around in our community.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Family Works because the organization has amazing activities and support networks for people that need it- Jake Weber is AWESOME!  ~ Anonymous

I give because I care.  ~ Anonymous

I give to UW Medicine, Gilda’s Club, UW Baltic Studies Program, and the Humane Society because I can!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Treehouse because kids need help and $ go to camp, etc.!  ~ Anonymous

I give to support my local community.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission because I believe in SUGM’s focus and mission of caring for the homeless population in Seattle. The Mission assists men, women and children who need help the most.  ~ Annette, Philosophy

I give to the Art Museum to support the arts and education and creativity, history, and preservation.  ~ Anonymous

I give to the Mission because I want to share blessings.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Purrfect Pals because I love animals and Purfect Pals takes care of animals regardless of adoptability.  ~ Anonymous

I give to United Way because it helps, as a socially responsible org., the community in health, professional develop & education.  ~ Alison E. Miller, UWMC – Center for Clinical Excellence

I give to YouthCare because they help our youth become viable and active members of our community. ~ Anonymous

I give to GSBA because I can support LGBT students.  ~ Anonymous

I give to YouthCare because I have a special place in my heart for homeless youth.  ~ Anonymous

I give to UNCF because they help black teenagers go to school.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Compassion International because my monthly support helps those in Nicaragua with school supplies, meals, etc.  ~ Anonymous

I give to PROVAIL because healthy people make healthy communities.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission because I want to help serve the needy.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Seadrunar because they helped my son and do great work!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Hopelink because I have so much and others do not.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Bryant PTSA because my children’s school does an annual campaign to pay tutors, the art program and other things to round out public education. CFD allows me to stretch my gift and give a little more since I can spread it over time.  ~ Anonymous

I give to NMSS because I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008 and I have been raising funds and donating every chance I get.  ~ Gretchen Littell, Chemistry

I give to Northwest Harvest to help those less fortunate than myself.  ~ Anonymous

I give to NPR because in short – they make my world better!  ~ Lauren Ledener, Applied Math

I give to Public Radio because I have more than I need in addition to the fact that the need to give is strong and calls on me so deeply.  ~ Noel Bain, UAA

I give to UW Combined Fund Drive because I have been blessed and want to give back to others less fortunate.  ~ Karen Yoneda

I give because I am lucky and recognize that not everyone is as fortunate. It is good to help those that experience a harder life.  ~ Anonymous

I give to the Combined Fund Drive because then my spouse can say “we give through work.”  ~ David Miles, Spanish & Portuguese Studies

I give to the Women’s Shelter because I support women.  ~ Anonymous

I give to several charities because it’s the right thing to do!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Micheal J. Fox Parkinsons Foundation because my father passed away from Parkinsons Disease.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Smile Train because we are lucky to live in Seattle with world class surgeons who repaired my son’s cleft palate. All kids who need surgery should be able to have it.  ~ Joan Rosenberger, Surgery

I give to UW Husky Promise because they helped fund my UW bachelor’s degree. Go DAWGS!!  ~ Kathryn Jansen

I give to the Combined Fund Drive because it goes everywhere!  ~ Anonymous

I give to Luna Chix Triathlon Team because they support the Breast Cancer fund, which researches preventative measures for breast cancer.  ~ Julie Johnston, Program on the Environment

I give to Harborview because they save lives!  ~ Steve Marty, HR

I give because it’s important to support organizations that support healthy communities.  ~ Kris Hartin, DEOHS

I give to CC Take Steps because I know people affected by Crohn’s.  ~ Anonymous

I give to Prosthetics Outreach Foundation because it gives moral support to disability candidates.  ~ Vidadala, CHB

I give to Puget Soundkeeper Alliance because I think it is critical to support our environment and to support local efforts.  ~ Anonymous