2015 Combined Fund Drive

Giving Is Easy

Giving is Easy Contest

Everyone who submitted a Giving is Easy card was entered to win a night’s stay and breakfast for two at the beautiful Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. Congratulations to Marcia Feinstein-Tobey, Comparative Literature/American Indian Studies, winner of our Giving is Easy contest! In addition, the following have won $5 Starbucks gift cards compliments of WSECU:  Andrea Gierlich, School of Nursing; AJ Hartman, Labor Relations; Laurine Knott, Biomedical Informatics & Medical Education; Merly Jones, JISAO; and, Jamie Worm, English.

UW employees find that giving through the UW Combined Fund Drive is easy!

Here’s why giving is easy for your colleagues: 

There is no need for me to remember monthly, quarterly or annual donations, and I can be so much more thoughtful and strategic with my giving.  ~ E. Drevecky, OE, Planning and Management

I know the money I donate will not only impact our community, but it will help better the life of someone less fortunate.  ~ Anonymous

Paying it forward feels good!  ~ Susan Kimsey, UWMC Radiology

The systems are in place to make it an effortless process. I give to make a difference in the communities I love and support through payroll deduction. It’s wonderful to play an active role in philanthropy.  ~ Savannah Ledgerwood, School of Public Health

Every penny counts!  ~ Rosale, Oral Health Sciences

It comes right out of my paycheck so I don’t even miss the money. It allows me to support local wildlife and domestic animals along with the growing international crisis for wildlife worldwide.  ~ Rachael Frost, UW Tower Operations

You have over 5,000 choices.  ~ Anonymous

It has such an important impact! And there are so many that need our help.  ~Anonymous

I am not able to make a big donation, but my small one from my paycheck adds up & helps my favorite charities cut their administrative costs so they can do more good!  ~ Joan R., Department of Surgery

Payroll deductions are simple and you’ll never forget to help your favorite cause.  ~ Anonymous

Nothing is more important than helping our friends in need. One small donation can help make a big difference in someone’s life.  ~ Albert Ybarra, Records Management

I can support groups that are helping the elderly stay in their homes, young women access to reproductive healthcare, and teach people how to grow their own healthy food – with one easy step – via the CFD site and payroll deduction!  ~ Karen English, Center for Clinical Excellence

I know the money is doing something good!  ~ Anonymous

It’s important to give back.  ~ Erica, Building Services

I have a responsibility to create positive change in our community.  ~ Anonymous

Giving is easy because it makes me feel great!  ~ Suzanne Baker, Internal Audit

It’s important.  ~ Anonymous

Because it is a direct reflection of my values & perspective. It makes me feel good knowing that I can share what I can afford to others toward something that I feel has importance!  ~ M. Jones, JISAO

You can choose what you are passionate about from a huge list of charities and organizations. It is easy to give recurring, monthly gifts or a one-time gift, and you can even be anonymous.  ~ Andrea R. Gierlich, School of Nursing, PCH

I can make donations directly from my paycheck.  ~ Anonymous

It’s the right thing to do! CFD is such a great and fun service provided to UW staff, students & faculty!  ~ Cat, School of Nursing

There are so many options to give, and it’s all online!  ~ Anonymous

I know that giving matters.  ~ David Miles, French & Italian Studies

I can easily give online through payroll deduction!  ~ Anonymous

Coordinators have well thought out this process.  ~ Linda Moran, Financial Management

“Paying it forward” supports our entire community.  ~ Anonymous

You don’t have to write a check for a total amount. You can give monthly at your choice instead of what the charity requests.  ~ Anonymous

It makes you feel good, it makes the organization you’re giving to sustainable and it provides support to the wildlife, humans, pets and any and all things the charity supports for a better quality of life.  ~ Robin Donovan, HCDE

The payroll deductions make it very easy to do and it feels good to help someone else.  ~ Anonymous

Even just a $1/paycheck makes a difference!  ~ Anonymous

For $30 a month, I help feed and house the homeless which is a small price to help save the world by helping those at home.  ~ Tim, SOM Dean’s Office

It helps those in need and signing up is easy, plus it feels great to give!  ~ Amanda, Evans School

Before I worked at the CFD, I didn’t have a workplace giving program. I always had to find out which groups I wanted to support and remember to send donations.  ~ Anonymous

Because it takes little time and money to make a significant difference in someone’s life.  ~ Anonymous

I don’t have to worry about remembering to WRITE a check each time I want to give because it comes out of my paycheck! It’s easy and convenient, and each month I feel great too because I know I gave to my charity!  ~ Toren Elste, UW Sustainability




Giving is Easy