About the Simpson Center


Our Mission: The Simpson Center offers UW scholars varied opportunities for intellectual community, professional development, and financial support that advance crossdisciplinary understanding, collaboration, and research. Read more

Our History: Between 2000 and 2013, the Simpson Center funded 126 faculty fellowships and 51 dissertation fellowships supporting scholars from 30 campus units across the humanities, arts, social sciences, and professional schools. Read more

Download the Simpson Center Fact Sheet for more information on the center.


The Simpson Center operates under the guidance of Director Kathleen Woodward. Center administration supports programs that fulfill the Center’s central missions, projects proposed by UW faculty, staff, and graduate students, and daily coordination of resources and facilities.





The Simpson Center has four spaces that are available by request for Center-sponsored projects and programs, as well as humanities, interdepartmental, and scholarly events organized by other UW organizations.