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Transforming Prison Education through the UW

Gillian Harkins and Anne Dwyer of TEBB

Transformative Education Behind Bars, a project funded by the Simpson Center, invites UW faculty and graduate students to collaborate with educators at community colleges, nonprofit organizations, other university programs, and correctional facilities to expand educational access and justice for incarcerated students.

Nationally-Recognized Poet Linda Bierds to Deliver Katz Lecture

On Tuesday, November 15, poet and Professor of English Linda Bierds will present the first Katz Distinguished Lecture of the 2011-2012 academic year.

UW Graduate Student Explores Seattle’s Dumpster-Diving Culture

UW graduate student David Giles Dumpster-diving

The research of David Giles, UW graduate student in anthropology and a Society of Scholars fellow at the Simpson Center, was recently highlighted in the Seattle Times.

Sharon Daniel on Public Records / Secret Publics

Sharon Daniel (right) with Kathleen Woodward and Miriam Bartha.

Artist, activist, and scholar Sharon Daniel recently visited the University of Washington to present from her current series of new media documentaries.

Her visit helped coalesce campus discussions and program building around media arts and activism, digital humanities, and public scholarship.

UW Graduate Students at “Serious Play”

Graduate students Theresa Horstman and Edmond Chang

Two UW scholars doing research in video games studies were recently sponsored by the Simpson Center for the Humanities to attend this year’s Serious Play Conference. Edmond Chang and Theresa Horstman, graduate students in English and Education, respectively, took part in the conference, which was held at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington.

Simpson Center Says “Thank You!” to UW Faculty and Staff Donors

The Simpson Center would like to extend a big “thank you!” to all UW faculty and staff who have donated toward the Digital Humanities Commons since Spring 2011.

“Biological Futures in a Globalized World” Addresses Challenges Posed by Explosion of Biological Knowledge

Colloquia Speakers Leah Ceccarelli, Gaymon Bennett, and Matthew Sparke

Enormous growth in biological knowledge during the past 100 years or so – and increasing worldwide use of that information to manipulate and build living systems – pose unique opportunities and challenges for the scientific community and humanity at large: Potential risks include engineered biological organisms, proliferations of infectious disease, human manipulation of the biosphere for food and fuel, and of the human genome sequence in reproductive technology.

Certificate in Public Scholarship Fellows Represent UW at Imagining America Conference

PAGE fellow Irene Sanchez at the Imaging America annual conference

Irene M. Sanchez and Ryan Burns, graduate student fellows in the Certificate in Public Scholarship, represented the University of Washington at the 13th annual Imagining America Artists and Scholars in Public Life conference this September in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Simpson Center Website Redesign

The Simpson Center for the Humanities

The Simpson Center is happy to announce the debut of its new website for the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year.

UW Professor Awarded NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant

The National Endowment of the Humanities has recently awarded a Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant to “The Svoboda Diaries Project: From Digital Text to ‘New Book,’” a project directed by Walter Andrews, UW Professor of Ottoman and Turkish Literature. This one-year grant will support the development of a new publishing model for on-demand publication of scholarly editions, using a collection of personal diaries from 19th century Iraq.

The Svoboda Iraq Diaries Project seeks to rescue this endangered collection of personal diaries, which constitute a valuable textual resource for the seriously understudied cultural, social, and economic history of 19th century Iraq, and make it available to scholars and the public in both web-based digital form and in a print publication.