Colloquia and Conferences

range from speaker's series to international research or working conferences, and are selected for support based on their crossdisciplinary and interdisciplinary focus.

Affect & Audience in the Digital Age

Affect and Audience image

Affect & Audience in the Digital Age is a one-day symposium exploring emergent modes of creative public scholarship. Specifically, we are interested in scholarly, pedagogical, curatorial, and creative practices that attend to the digitally mediated character of contemporary poetry. 

The Future of the Environmental Humanities: Research, Pedagogies, Institutions, and Publics

Shaun Roberts, Junkyard, 2013

This conference seeks to spark the emergence of a network of regional environmental humanities scholars, who will be in a better position as a group to understand how the humanities might productively contribute to serious, ongoing, widespread civic conversations about environmental change, and to better perceive the place that the academic humanities have in this process. 

Islam and Forgiveness: Reflections on Justice and Conflict Resolution in Muslim Contexts

Supported by the Fetzer Institute and the Simpson Center for the Humanities, this symposium seeks to engage participants in examining the Islamic mandate of forgiveness in its everyday applications in comparative contexts. While scriptural texts compel Muslims to be merciful and compassionate in their actions towards others, little is known about the actual practices and effects of this mandate in their local contexts.

Histories and Futures of the Book

Histories and Futures of the Book is an interdisciplinary lecture series in manuscript, print, and digital culture organized by the Textual Studies Program in conjunction with the annual meeting of the

African American Political Thought: Past and Present

This conference brings together nationally recognized scholars from political science, philosophy, English, history, and black studies to reflect on historical meaning and contemporary significance of African American political thought. 

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