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CHIPS Hosts Inaugural Health Policy Symposium

CHIPS Hosts Inaugural Health Policy Symposium

Thank you to everyone who attended the Inaugural Health Policy Symposium in Kane Hall, hosted by the Center for Health Innovation & Policy Science (CHIPS) at the University of Washington Department of Health Systems and Population Health. We were delighted to see so many of our State legislators, community partners, students, and faculty among the more than 200 attendees. 

The theme for this year’s symposium was “The Future of the VA: Privatization or the Model for a US Single Payer System?” moderated by UW Health Services professor and national health policy expert Aaron Katz. It was wonderful to hear from our panel of experts, including Suzanne Gordon (author of "Wounds of War"), Dr. Stephan Fihn (head of the Division of General Internal Medicine), Dr. Hugh Foy (professor of surgery at UW School of Medicine); Dr. James Tuchschmidt (chief executive for Clinical Programs and Physician Strategy at Providence Health Systems), and Dr. Kelly Wadsworth (pastor and Iraq War veteran), who shared their insights into the challenges holding back the VA system and opportunities for evolving to meet veterans’ needs moving forward. 

CHIPS Director Dr. Michelle Garrison says, “It was great to have people from so many different stakeholder groups, both on the panel and in the audience, all to listen and learn about the present and future of the VA and what that means for our broader healthcare system. We thank all of our guests and panelists for their engagement in our inaugural health policy symposium, and we look forward to creating the opportunity for similarly thought-provoking and inspiring conversations every year.”

Check out the event photos, here, or the video recording, here.

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