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Miscellaneous Housing

Housing and Health Work Group

Where you live and how you live affects your health. Is your housing stable? Is it affordable? Is it safe? Is your neighborhood inclusive and friendly? Is it near resources and services? CHIPS' Housing and Health working group works on exploring these housing and health relationships.

Questions? Please contact Amy Hagopian and Jessica Jones-Smith.

2022 Homelessness Seminar Series

We are excited to announce our four-part series bringing together a broad range of speakers to examine homelessness-related topics including Tent City, approaches to harm reduction, vehicle residency, and public policy. Sponsored by the Center for Health Innovation and Policy Science, this series takes place from January to May and explores personal, local, and policy impact to promote more equitable decisions for Seattles Homeless community.

Watch the four-part seminar series here:

Homeshare Study

The 2019-2021 Washington state legislature directed the University of Washington School of Public Health to study and develop a report on homesharing of privately owned residencies, to serve as a strategy to reduce housing instability by increasing the supply of low-cost rentals. As defined by the National Shared Housing Resource Center, homesharing is where two or more people share a home to their mutual benefit. The legislative proviso language required an analysis of homeshare programs across the country and similar initiatives in Washington state. The idea was to learn more about barriers, successes, best practices and policies; UW analysts were charged with making recommendations to establish and sustain homeshare programs in Washington.

Watch the first seminar in the series here:

If you would like to give feedback on this report, please complete the form here.

Innovations in Enumerating Homelessness

Enumerating homelessness has been a recurring challenge for jurisdictions responsible for mobilizing services for individuals living outdoors, in vehicles or poorly sheltered. Our Housing & Health working group recently earned a small grant from the UW's Urban Spark program to test the feasibility of developing new homeless enumeration system that is simple and low resource-intensive, unobtrusive, conducted anytime (including retrospectively), and relatively accurate.

Learn more about the University of Washington's Housing and Health Work Group with these select publications and findings.