Continuing into the Ph.D. program in Linguistics at UW from the CLMS program

If you are a CLMS student and interested in pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the Ling Department at UW, here is some information about what needs to be done before and after getting your CLMS Master's degree.

We are committed to supporting all graduate students transitioning to the PhD program who have no other funding sources and who meet the department's criteria for satisfactory progress toward the degree for up to four years, subject to the availability of funding resources. Additional information on financial support can be found here.

CLMS-to-Ph.D. transition requirements

The CLMS-to-Ph.D. transition process

The CLMS => Ph.D. transition is done in two steps.

  • Note: Steps 1 and 2 may be completed simultaneously.
  • Note: To be eligible for this CLMS-to-PhD transition, no more than three years may elapse between your graduating from CLMS and the Autumn quarter that you start PhD study. CLMS students who have been away from the program for longer but are interested in pursuing the PhD can apply to the general linguistics program (to do the CompLing track).
  • Suggestions for a quick and smooth transition to the Ph.D. program

    Example Curriculum:

    The requirements for receiving a Ph.D. in the CompLing track

    The requirements for getting a Ph.D. in the CompLing track from the UW Linguistics Department are specified here.

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    Last updated 02/25/2019
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