CLMS Program-Internal Scholarships

General Announcement

Beginning in 2010, and continuing pending sufficient funding, the CLMS program is able to offer some program-internal scholarships. These funds can be used towards CLMS course fees. In 2011 and later years, students will indicate whether they are interested in these scholarships on their program applications, and be considered for the scholarships during the admissions process. The scholarhips will be allocated on the basis of both academic merit and financial need. Both US and international students are eligible. Academic merit will be determined on the basis of the application materials you submit. Financial need will be determined by UW's Office of Financial Aid. To be considered, applicants must submit the FAFSA form or equivalent to the Office of Financial Aid as follows:

Criteria for Allocation

  1. The decision of who to provide the scholarships to will be made by a committee consisting of at least two CLMS faculty and at least one other faculty member from the Department of Linguistics.
  2. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit and financial need, with roughly equal weight placed on each factor.
  3. Financial need will be determined by the Office of Financial Aid on the basis of FAFSA applications submitted to them by the students.
  4. Merit will be determined by the committee, who will take into consideration the following factors:
    1. Academic record, based on grades in previous relevant course work
    2. Peronsal initiative based on letters of recommendation
    3. Potential for independent research, based on statement of purpose and letters of recommendation
  5. In 2010 only, we will have a separate competition for current, continuting CLMS students. These students will be asked to submit the FAFSA form, as well as statement of how they plan to finish the program and what they plan to do afterwards. These applications will be evaluated on the same criteria, using performance in CLMS courses to date and the applicants' statements as sources of evidence.