UW/Microsoft Quarterly Symposium in Computational Linguistics

Posters presented at the 6th Quarterly Symposium, 4/22/05

A New Research Center in Computational Linguistics

Oren Etzioni (UW CSE), Emily M. Bender (UW Linguistics), Jonathan Pool (Utilika Foundation)

Situation-Based Intonation Pattern Distribution in a Corpus of American English

Lesley Carmichael (UW Linguistics)

A Coordination Module for the Grammar Matrix

Scott Drellishak (UW Linguistics) and Emily M. Bender (UW Linguistics)

Extracting Product Feature Assessments from Reviews

Ana-Maria Popescu (UW CSE), Oren Etzioni (UW CSE)

Classifying sentences based on string and morphosyntactic similarity to facilitate data analysis in documentary linguistics

Emily M. Bender (UW Linguistics), Jeff Good (MPI Leipzig), Laurie Poulson (UW Linguistics)

A lexical transducer for Slave verbs

Anya Dormer (UW Linguistics)

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