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Creating a Git Repo

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  1. Once inside the desired directory, you will need to type:
    git init --shared=group
    this will create a git repo in which all group members are able to check in code ("Push" to, in Git terms)

Dealing with File Permissions

*NOTE:* Since the December 2012 file server upgrade, using a script to fix permissions after pushes shouldn't be necessary any longer. It won't hurt anything either, though, so if you have an existing repository with a permission-fix script, there's no need to disable it.
 Due to a peculiarity in the way file permissions behave between patas and other clients, you will also need to set up a script to run chown and chmod commands when files are checked in, otherwise they might only be readable by the group member that checked them in. To do this:
  1. Inside your git repo (it may be inside a subdirectory titled ".git/"), there is a subdirectory entitled "hooks/"
  2. You will want to create a file inside the hooks directory called "post-receive".
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