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Windows uses different end-of-line characters than MacOS X and UNIX. This isn't important if you'll always be accessing your files from a Windows system; however, if you'll be accessing the same repository from both Windows and UNIX systems, you should either use Windows software that can handle UNIX end-of-line characters, or tell Subversion to convert the line endings for you.
TortiseSVN is a GUI Subversion client for Windows that integrates with Windows Explorer.

lemur policies:

Accounts are offered to instructors and students in the Department of Linguistics and other members of the linguistics laboratories. To request an account, email linghelp@u with your UW NetID and a statement of your affiliation with the Department of Linguistics or one of the Linguistics laboratories. You will receive an email with your temporary password when your account has been created. Your password will be stored in the clear both on the server and on machines on which you run the client, so don't use a password that you use for anything else.
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 large into /test, and don't commit anything you want to keep -- it's subject to occasional cleaning.
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