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2010-10-04 We are revamping this page to include photos and short bios. Please add yourself (or update your entry) in the appropriate category below (alphabetical by last name within categories). We encourage you to choose and upload a picture, and to provide a short bio with your research interests. Alumni are encouraged to include thesis titles, links to theses, and information about current activities!
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Matt Hohensee, CLMA

My undergrad degree is a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford (with a minor in Biological Sciences). Not sure exactly what my specialty within comp ling is going to be, but hoping to find out soon! I'm also a musician (used to be full-time, now just in my spare time), and just relocated to Seattle from northern California.

Norah Hogoboom, CLMA

I received my B.A. in Linguistics from the UW. I grew up in Berkeley, California but I’ve lived in Washington so long I’m almost a native. I have a small "hobby farm" in the Snoqualmie Valley with my extended family, including numerous cats, chickens and a dog. I have a barn, a tractor, and a log-splitter, but I only was able to upgrade from dial-up to satellite Internet this past December. I was the test lead for Microsoft Flight Simulator for many years before it was sadly cancelled by Microsoft in 2009 and most recently work as an international project engineer for SQL Server. I love languages, linguistics (especially phonology and historical linguistics) as well as aviation and technology. [Image is a self-portrait of myself reflected in a P-51 Mustang at Paine Field]

profile.jpg Thibaut Labarre, CLMS

I come from a French engineering school were I majored in Computer Science and minored in Civil Aviation. Since very young I love to learn new languages. I'm also really interested in processing meaning, information extraction and developping original algorithms to make sense of the huge mass of data produced each day.
100x100JoshCason.jpg Josh Cason, CLMS

I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in linguistics and minored in philosophy and computer science. I'm interested in logic and how it is applied in grammars (like CCG or type-logical grammar), semantics and pragmatics, programming languages, and in automated reasoning. I'm also interested in contributing to linguistic resources for the Biblical corpus in ancient Hebrew and Greek (like treebanks, meaningbanks, etc).


(Your photo here) (Your info here)

Scott Halgrim

Graduated December 2009.

Currently Programmer/Analyst at Group Health Research Institute.

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