Lesbian Health Case

Leigh is a physically active 39-year-old female, nonsmoker, and without a significant past medical history, who comes to your office for a routine physical examination and STD screening. She has not seen a provider for almost two years, but prior to that time had annual exams. You note from her intake form that she has been divorced for 2 1/2 years from her husband of almost ten years. You ask her if she has "had any boyfriends" since her divorce, to which she replies, "No." You are considering that she does not need the STD screen and, since her last three Paps were negative, she can wait another year for her Pap smear.

What is the appropriate next step?

  1. Discuss condom use so she's prepared when she does have a boyfriend.
  2. Obtain a more thorough sexual history.
  3. Ask her why she wants to be screened for STDs.
Lesbian Health Case

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