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Proceedings of the 2005 Puget Sound Georgia Basin Research Conference

Oral Sessions

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A1. Elwha River Restoration 1
A2. Marine Mammals
A3. Focus on Fish I
A4. Focus on Fish II
A5. Status, Trends and Movements of Seaducks and Seabirds in the Salish Sea
A6. Avian Populations: Their Habitat Use and Human Influence Near the Salish Sea
A7. Workshop: Forage Fish
A8. Shellfish: Science and Management
A9. Contaminants in Humans and Wildlife I
A10. Contaminants in Humans and Wildlife II

B1. Wastewater Impacts
B2. Stormwater Impacts
B3. Flame Retardants: Science and Policy Perspectives
B4. Air Quality
B5. Workshop: Puget Sound Georgia Basin Airshed Strategy
B6. New Toxics Research
B7. Urbanization Impacts
B8. Smart Growth and Low Impact Development
B9. Community Basin Planning
B10. Non-Point Pollution Impacts on Water Quality

C1. Freshwater Ecosystems
C2. Population genetics and phylogeography
C3. Environmental Education and Outreach I
C4. Elwha River Restoration II
C5. Aquatic Nuisance Species and Invasives I
C6. Panel: Marine Sciences, 10 Years Later
C7. Ecological Indicators of the Transboundary Area
C8. Governance and Institutional Design
C9. Aquatic Nuisance Species and Invasives II
C10. Panel: Oil Spill Responses and Restoration

D1. Traditional Ecological Knowledge
D2. Sediment Contamination
D3. Coast Salish Heritage
D4. Decision Support Tools
D5. Hood Canal: Investigating the Low Dissolved Oxygen Condition
D6. Hood Canal: Corrective Actions
D7. Panel: Integrated Assessment
D8. Contaminants in the Puget Sound and Georgia Basin - An Ecosystem Perspective
D9. Marine Conservation
D10. Marine Protected Areas

E1. Climate Change: Variation and Change
E2. Marine Waters Climate Change
E3. Panel: Climate Change-Variation and Change
E4. Marine Waters: Modeling
E5. Focus on Fish III
E6. Coastal and Watershed Planning
E7. Marine Waters Forcasting and Variability
E8. Environmental Education and Outreach II
E9. Focus Studies Related to Shorebirds and Passerines Along the Salish Sea
E10. Tourism: Opportunities and Impacts

F1. Restoration: Assessing the State of the Ecosystem
F2. Case Studies: Impacts of Human Activities
F3. Panel: Overview of Puget Sound Nearshore Restoration Project's Feasibility Study
F4. Panel: Geologic Processes and Coastal Ecosystems
F5. Panel: Integrated Approaches To Natural Drainage
F6. Restoration: Illustrating Process-Based Restoration Concepts I
F7. Restoration: Illustrating Process-Based Restoration Concepts II
F8. Restoration: Restoration Science and Practice
F9. Restoration: Advancing the Science of Restoration
F10. Restoration: The Future of Restoration