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Proceedings of the 2005 Puget Sound Georgia Basin Research Conference

Poster Presentations

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P1. Puget Sound Georgia Basin Biota

Centennial Plant Collection: Revisiting 1904 Herbarium Specimens from the San Juan Islands In 2004
Victoria Wyllie-Echeverria*, Claudia Mills

Northern Anchovy—The Other Forage Fish
Duane Fagergren*

Two Decades of Purple Martin Stewardship and Recovery in British Columbia – Successes and Challenges
Bruce F. Cousens*, J. Charlene Lee, Laura M. Darling, J. Cam Finlay, Thomas W. Gillespie

Abstracts only:

The Annual Census of Giant Pacific octopuses in Puget Sound
Roland Anderson*

The Incredible Egg Hunt -- Mapping Forage Fish in the Northwest Straits (2001-2003)
Gary Wood*

Representing and exploring summer distribution patterns of Southern Resident killer whales (Orcinus orca)
Donna D. Hauser*, Miles L. Logsdon, Elizabeth E. Holmes, Glenn R. VanBlaricom, Richard W. Osborne

Genetic Stock Structure of Pacific Cod (Gadus macrocephalus)
Kathryn Cunningham*, Lorenz Hauser, Mike Canino, Ingrid Spies

Shellfish population survey of the Swinomish Reservation
Laura Klein*, Martin Sampson, Todd Mitchell, Elissa Fjellman, Eric Haskins

Movement and survival of acoustically tagged coho salmon smolts in south Puget Sound
Scott Steltzner*, Kyle Brakensiek

Hydroacoustic and Underwater Videographic Survey of San Juan County Eelgrass Resources
Ian Fraser*, James Norris, Jim Slocomb, Sandy Wyllie-Echeveria, Stephanie Buffum-Field, Tina Whitman

Not too hot, not too cold: Behavioral thermoregulation of adult sockeye salmon in Lake Washington
Jenny Newell*, Thomas Quinn

Causes of Mortality in Pinnipeds of Washington State during 2004
Dyanna Lambourn*, Stephen Raverty, Steven Jeffries, John Calambokidis, Mike Garner, Joe Gaydos, Melissa Miller, Pat Conrad

Genetic diversity of Synechococcus in Puget Sound and the Northwest Straits
Karen L. Peterson*, Cheryl Williams, Nathan Ahlgren, Gabrielle Rocap

Great Blue Herons of the Salish Sea: Status and Conservation.
Ann Eissinger*, others to be submitted

Use of Acoustic Tagging to Study Home Range and Migration of English Sole (Parophrys Vetulus) in Puget Sound: Application to Management of Contaminated Sediments
Sandra O'Neill, Mark Myers, Mary Moser, Stephen Quinnell*, Bernadita Anulacion, James West

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P2. Stressors on the Shared Ecosystem

Evaluating Status and Trends in Fecal Pollution in Puget Sound through 2004
Tim Determan*

Literature Review and Analysis of Coastal Urbanization and Microbial Contamination of Shellfish Growing Areas
Stuart Glasoe*, Aimee Christy

Potential impacts of low dissolved oxygen on eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Hood Canal
Amy Glaub*, Sandy Wyllie-Echevaria, Pete Dowty, Tom Mumford

Will the introduced mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis outcompete the native mussel M. trossulus in Puget Sound? A study of relative frequencies, growth and survival among different habitats
Michelle Rensel*, Joel Elliott, Peter Wimberger

Abstracts only:

Juvenile salmon in the San Juan Archipelago
Tina Wyllie-Echeverria*, Russel Barsh

Analysis of ozone and chlorine disinfection byproducts concerning ballast water treatment
Jake Perrins*, Bryan Nielsen, Russell Herwig

Detection of the harmful algal species Pseudo-nitzschia and associated particulate and dissolved domoic acid with concurrent water column quality and nutrient concentrations obtained from a moored automated water sampler
Judah Goldberg*, Aimee Christy, Jeannie Bush, Bich-Thuy Eberhart, Jan Newton, Vera Trainer

Enumerating phytoplankton abundance in ballast water treatment experiments
David Lawrence*, Russell Herwig

Effect of plasma lipid content on interpreting chlorinated hydrocarbon concentration in bald eagles
Lilly Cesh*, David Garcelon, Tony Williams, John Elliott

Regional risk assessment of the Japanese brown alga, Sargassum muticum, in Cherry Point, Washington
Ananda Seebach*, Audrey Colnar

Regional risk assessment of the European green crab, Carcinus maenas, in Cherry Point, Washington
Audrey Colnar*, Wayne Landis

Modelling Loadings and Fate of PCBs and PBDEs in the Georgia Basin
Patrick Shaw*, Peter Ross, Sophie Johannessen, Robie Macdonald, Frank Gobas

Influences of Geoduck Aquaculture on Eelgrass
Kirsten Rowell*, Jackie White, Jennifer Ruesink

Concentrations of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE) in Hood Canal
Margaret Dutch*, Sandra Aasen, Ed Long, Kathy Welch

Sediment Quality in the San Juan Islands, Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Admiralty Inlet
Sandra Aasen*, Margaret Dutch, Kathy Welch, Ed Long

Sediment Quality In Hood Canal
Sandra Aasen*, Margaret Dutch, Kathy Welch, Ed Long

Efficacy of a Hypochlorite Generator and Filtration Treatment System in Preventing the Introduction of Non-indigenous Aquatic Species Found in Ballast Water
Bryan Nielsen*, Nissa Ferm, David Lawrence, Jeffery Cordell, Russell Herwig

The Management of Giant Salvinia by Biological Control On thelower Colorado River
Sangho Choi*, Dewey Murray, Earl Andreas

Trends in polybrominated diphenyl ethers iin eggs of aquatic and marine birds from British Columbia, Canada, 1979-2002
John Elliott*, Laurie Wilson, Bryan Wakeford

Comparative thresholds for acetylcholinesterase inhibition and behavioral impairment in coho salmon exposed to chlorpyrifos.
David Baldwin*, Jason Sandahl, Jeffrey Jenkins, Nathaniel Scholz

The Biodegradation of Methanol in the Fraser River
Sharon Bennett*

Remediation of PCB-Contaminated Sediment in the Duwamish River, Washington
Scott Mickelson*, Diane McElhany

The West Coast Center for Oceans and Human Health
Usha Varanasi, John Stein*, Tracy Collier, Mark Strom, Vera Trainer, Walt Dickhoff, Bob Iwamoto, Ali Senauer

Forestry herbicide effects on zebrafish early development.
Carla Stehr*, Tiffany Linbo, John Incardona, Nathaniel Scholz

Investigating Ocean and Human Health Risks from Harmful Algal Blooms using an Integrated Framework
Nancy Judd, Lisa Younglove*, Christina Drew and Elaine Faustman, Thomas Burbacher, Lucio Costa, Allan Devol, Clement Furlong, William Griffith, Micaela Parker, Charles (Si) Simenstad, Ruth Woods, E. Virginia Armbrust

Factors influencing the distribution and abundance of Zostera marina in Commencement Bay, WA
Erin Spear*, Joel Elliott

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P3. Restoration Strategies and Conservation Tools

Fornsby Creek Project: Self-regulating tidegates and estuary restoration
Todd Mitchell*, Karen Mitchell, Rachel LovellFord, Laura Klein

The Pierce County, Washington, Coordinated Salmon Habitat Protection and Restoration Strategy
Tom Kantz*

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) in Puget Sound
Tim Determan*

Abstracts only:

Lone Tree Creek and pocket estuary restoration
Todd Mitchell, Kaia Smith*, Laura Klein, Rachel LovellFord, Karen Mitchell

ERA Uncertainty Reduction by Mapping the Nearshore Habitats of Cherry Point, Washington, U.S.A.
Ananda Seebach*, Wayne G. Landis

Beach Restoration/Rehabilitation in Puget Sound, WA: 5 Years of Monitoring at Two Projects and Lessons Learned
Jim Johannessen*, Matt Chase

Olympia Oyster Restoration in Fidalgo Bay, Washington
Jeanne Robinette, Russel Barsh, Paul Dinnel*, Ivar Dolph

Characterizing Existing Hydrology, Water Quality, and Other Characteristics of a Small Pacific Coast Watershed in Preparation for Habitat Restoration Alternatives
Suzanne Shull*, David Henry, Tom Slocum, Don McMoran, Douglas Bulthuis

Monitoring of Restoration Performance in Commencement Bay, Washington: Anadromous Fish Presence, Health, and Degree of Chemical Contamination
O. Paul Olson*, Gina M. Ylitalo, Casimir Rice

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P4. Monitoring, Modeling and Measurement Tools

Computer Modeling of Marine Waters with Public Domain Software
Lambert Rubash*, Elizabeth Kilanowski

Statistical Models for Spot Air Quality Forecasts (O3 and PM10) in British Columbia
Jon Wang*, Edward Lord, Alex Cannon, Gregg Walters

Nearshore habitat characterization on the Swinomish Reservation
Karen Mitchell*, Todd Mitchell, Laura Klein, Rachel LovellFord, Martin Sampson

The Development of Nearshore Stressor Conceptual Models for Chinook Recovery Planning in South Puget Sound.
Tom Kantz*, Scott Steltzner, Sayre Hodgson, Joanne Schuett-Hames, Doris Small, Cynthia Wilson, John Kliem

Measuring and Assessing Environmental Quality in the Lower Mainland Region of British Columbia
Elizabeth Freyman*, Krista Payette, Rod Shead, Stephanie Meyn, Jane Hofweber, Jennifer Guay, Diane Sutherland, Dennis Barlow, Gwyn Graham, Brent Moore

Nearshore Structure Survey of Swinomish Indian Reservation: Adapted Procedures and Preliminary Results
Rachel LovellFord*, Todd Mitchell, Laura Klein, Martin Sampson, Eric Haskins

Abstracts only:

Simulating the effects of sea-level rise on Zostera marina production in Padilla Bay, WA
Richard Gwozdz*, John Rybczyk

An Analysis of Large Woody Debris in two Puget Sound Salt Marshes; Elger Bay, Camano Island, Sullivan Minor Marsh, Padilla Bay
Andrea MacLennan*, Tom Terrich, PhD

Ability to Predict Zostera marina Cover Based on Geomorphic and Hydrologic Variables in Puget Sound, Washington
Pete Dowty*, Cinde Donoghue, Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria, Helen Berry

Effects of Climate Variability and Change on Urban Stormwater System: Sensitivity Analysis on Des Moines Creek System at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Felix Kristanovich*

Use of Remotely Sensed Data to Characterize Upwelling Conditions on the Washington Coast in Relation to Harmful Algal Blooms
Nathan Evans*, Dana Woodruff, Vera Trainer

The pollution shadow: characterizing “local” and “global” air pollution in the Strait of Georgia
Neil Dangerfield*, Wayne Belzer, Robie Macdonald, Sophie Johannessen, Patrick Shaw, Peter Ross

A marine food-web bioaccumulation model for PCBs and PBDEs in the Georgia Basin
Colm Condon*, Frank Gobas

Blazed array sonar systems - a new technology for creating low-cost, high-resolution imaging sonar systems for fisheries management.
R. Lee Thompson*

Application of NASA Earth Science Data to Landscape-Scale Resource Management Needs in the Pacific Northwest: An Institutional Collaboration
Roger Anderson*, Kathleen Judd, Ann Lesperance, John Bolte

Investigations of the ecological, fluvial, and nearshore impacts of the Elwha River dam removal
Jeffrey Duda*, Robert Black, Guy Cochrine, Patrick Connolly, Guy Gelfenbaum, Kurt Jenkins, Chris Konrad, Ted Melis, Mark Munn, Reg Reisenbichler, David Rubin, Peter Ruggerio

Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping in the San Juan Islands
H. Gary Greene*, Holly Lopez, Vaughn Barrie, Wayne Palsson, Don Gunderson, Janet Tilden, Charlie Endris

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P5. Management, Governance and Policy Tools

Spatial assumptions and consultative governance
Brooke Marshall*

Marine Shoreline Armoring in Puget Sound and the Washington State Hydraulic Code
Doris Small*, Randy Carman

Abstracts only:

The British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection's Focus on Airshed and Watershed Management Planning in the Georgia Basin.
Stephanie Meyn*

Planning the Future for San Juan Islands and Protection Island National Wildlife Refuges
Pamela Sanguinetti*, Annette de Knijf

Elements of Ecosystem Based Management: An Estuarine Case Study
Julia Parrish, Terrie Klinger, Jennifer Reusink, Kirstin Holsman*

Shared Waters: Protecting Water Quality in Boundary Bay and its Smaller Basins, Semiahmoo Bay and Drayton Harbor
Krista Payette*

Biomarker and Histopathologic Responses Demonstrate Improvement in Flatfish Health Following Remediation of a PAH-contaminated Site in Eagle Harbor, WA
Mark Myers*, Bernadita Anulacion, Barb French, William Reichert, Cathy Laetz, Jon Buzitis, Tracy Collier

The British Columbia Coast and Marine Environment Project
Linda Gilkeson, Bonner Lynne*, Quayle James, Algard Jane

The Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership: A Forum for Regional Coordination
Jennifer Bayer, Julia Bos*

Integrated Framework for Urbanization, Human Health and Marine Interactions: A PCB Case Study
Lisa Younglove*, Nancy Judd, Marcie Demmy-Bidwell, Marina Alberti, Kellie Fay, Elaine Faustman

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P6. Community Education and Citizen Involvement

Stream Stewards: A Community Stream Awareness Program
Lucy Applegate*

Seattle Aquarium Citizen Science: Inspiring Marine Conservation in our Local Students
Mark Plunkett*

Abstracts only:

Boater Information System
David Jones*, Janet Olsonbaker

Sustainable community development from a cultural perspective - A case study of Chinese immigrants in Greater Vancouver
Ting Pan*, Raymond Cole

Island County WSU Beach Watcher Intertidal monitoring Program: A model for volunteer based data collectionh
Jan Holmes*

Swinomish Earath Day Enhancement Celebrations Incorporating culture, communities and service projects
Britta Eschete*, Ramona George, Susan Moreno

Mill Hill Landowner Outreach Stewardship Project
Todd Carnahan*, Andrew Uhlman

Community Stewardship and Field based Environmental Education
Nikki Wright*

Menzies Project Scientific Results: 2002-2004
James Norris*, Ian Fraser, Michelle McConnell, Judy D'Amore

The Islands in the Salish Sea Community Mapping Project
Sheila Harrington*

Science-Based Salmon Habitat Restoration and Social Conflict in the Pacific Northwest: a Case Study of the Skagit Valley
Sara Breslow*

Special Demonstration Educational Tool: Interactive DVD

Return of the Plankton: The Seasons Underwater in Puget Sound
Cameron Snow, John Williams*, Bruce Claiborne