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Podium Sessions

Podium Session 1, Monday, June 24, 11h15-12h30
Upper Limb Functional Assessment & Rehabilitation

Non-Contact versus Contact-based Sensing Methodologies for In-Home Upper Arm Robotic Rehabilitation
     Ayanna Howard, Douglas Brooks, Edward Brown, Adey Gebregiorgis and Yu-Ping Chen 
Application of arm support training in sub-acute stroke rehabilitation: first results on effectiveness and user experiences
     Gerdienke B. Prange, Anke I. R. Kottink, Jaap H. Buurke and Johannes S. Rietman 
Assessment of upper limb motor function in patients with Multiple Sclerosis using the Virtual Peg Insertion Test: a pilot study
     Olivier Lambercy, Marie-Christine Fluet, Ilse Lamers, Lore Kerkhofs, Peter Feys and Roger Gassert 
The Manumeter: A non-obtrusive wearable device for monitoring spontaneous use of the wrist and fingers
     Justin Rowe, Nizan Friedman, Mark Bachman and David Reinkensmeyer 
Effort, performance, and motivation: Insights from robot-assisted training of human golf putting and rat grip strength
     Jaime Duarte, Berkey Gebrekristos, Sergi Perez, Justin Rowe, Kelli Sharp and David Reinkensmeyer 


Podium Session 2, Monday, June 24, 17h00-18h00
Actuators & Hand Exoskeleton Design

A Pediatric Robotic Thumb Exoskeleton for at-Home Rehabilitation The Isolated Orthosis for Thumb Actuation (IOTA)
     Patrick M. Aubin, Hani Sallum, Conor Walsh, Annette Correia and Leia Stirling 
CARAPACE: a novel Composite Advanced Robotic Actuator Powering Assistive Compliant Exoskeleton: Preliminary Design
     Lorenzo Masia, Xavier Lachenal, Alberto Pirrera, Leonardo Cappello, Filippo Mattioni, Paul Weaver and Pietro Morasso 
Hyperstaticity for Ergonomic Design of a Wrist Exoskeleton
     Mohammad Esmaeili, Nathanael Jarrase, Wayne Dailey, Etienne Burdet and Domenico Campolo 
Modeling, Design, and Optimization of Mindwalker Series Elastic Joint
     Shiqian Wang, Cor Meijneke and Herman van der Kooij 


Podium Session 3, Tuesday, June 25, 11h15-12h30
Assistive Devices & Simulators

Advanced Augmented White Cane with Obstacle Height and Distance Feedback
     Rosali Pyun, Yeongmi Kim, Pascal Wespe, Stefan Schneller and Roger Gassert 
Lever-actuated resonance assistance (LARA): A wheelchair-based method for upper extremity therapy and overground ambulation for people with severe arm impairment
     Daniel Zondervan, Brendan Smith and David Reinkensmeyer 
Designing Speech-Based Interfaces for Telepresence Robots for People with Disabilities
     Katherine Tsui, Kelsey Flynn, David Kontak, Amelia McHugh and Holly Yanco 
Therapist recognition of impaired muscle groups in simulated multi-joint hypertonia
     Alejandro Melendez-Calderon*, Davide Piovesan* and Ferdinando A. Mussa-Ivaldi 
Integrated Vision-Based Robotic Arm Interface for Operators with Upper Limb Mobility Impairments
     Hairong Jiang, Juan P. Wachs and Bradley S. Duerstock 


Podium Session 4, Tuesday, June 25, 14h00-15h30
Lower Limb Rraining & Gait Assistance

A method for harnessing least-effort drives in robotic locomotion training
     Steven H. Collins and Rachel W. Jackson 
A Preliminary Study into the Effects of Pelvic Rotations on Upper Body Lateral Translation
     Andrew Pennycott, Dario Wyss, Robert Riener and Heike Vallery 
Robotic-Locomotor Training as a Tool to Reduce Neuromuscular Abnormality in Spinal Cord Injury The Application of System Identification and Advanced Longitudinal Modeling
     Mehdi Mirbagheri, Mattew Kindig, Xun Niu, Deborah Varoqui and Petra Conaway 
Development of an Energy Harvesting Backpack and Performance Evaluation
     Michael Shepertycky, Jun-Tian Zhang, Yan-Fei Liu and Qingguo Li 
Experimental Effective Shape Control of a Powered Transfemoral Prosthesis
     Robert Gregg, Nicholas Fey, Tommaso Lenzi, Levi Hargrove and Jonathon Sensinger 
Modulation of Anticipatory Postural Adjustments of Gait Using a Portable Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis
     Matthew Petrucci, Colum MacKinnon and Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler 


Podium Session 5, Tuesday, June 25, 17h00-18h00
Gait Exoskeleton Design

Transparent Support for Overground Gait Training
     Heike Vallery, Peter Lutz, Joachim von Zitzewitz, Georg Rauter, Michael Fritschi, Christophe Everarts, Renaud Ronsse, Armin Curt and Marc Bolliger 
Improving Transparency of Powered Exoskeletons Using Force/Torque Sensors on the Supporting Cuffs
     Damiano Zanotto, Tommaso Lenzi, Paul Stegall and Sunil Agrawal 
Leveraging Gait Dynamics to Improve Efficiency and Performance of Powered Hip Exoskeletons
     Matthew Ryder and Frank Sup 
Biologically-inspired Soft Exosuit
     Alan Asbeck, Robert Dyer, Arnar Larusson and Conor Walsh 


Podium Session 6, Wednesday, June 26, 11h15-12h15
Methods for Classifying & Deciding in Rehabilitation & Assistance

Delineating the whole brain BOLD response to passive movement kinematics
     James Sulzer, Julio Dueñas, Philipp Stämpfli, Marie-Claude Hepp-Reymond, Spyros Kollias, Erich Seifritz and Roger Gassert 
Exploiting Accelerometers to Improve Movement Classification for Prosthetics
     Arjan Gijsberts and Barbara Caputo 
Impact of Robot-mediated Interaction System on Joint Attention Skills for Children with Autism
     Zhi Zheng, Lian Zhang, Esubalew Bekele, Amy Swanson, Julie Crittendon, Zachary Warren and Nilanjan Sarkar 
Indivudal patterns of motor deficits evident in movement distribution analysis
     Felix Huang and James Patton