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Poster Sessions

Poster Session AMonday, June 24, 10h20-11h15
A1 Optimization of Human Walking for Exoskeletal Support Wietse van Dijk and Herman van der Kooij
A2 Adaptive Control of a Serial-in-Parallel Robotic Rehabilitation Device Ali Utku Pehlivan, Fabrizio Sergi and Marcia K. O' Malley
A3 Comparison of the Passive Dynamics of Walking on Ground, Tied-belt and Split-belt Treadmills, and via the Gait Enhancing Mobile Shoe (GEMS) Ismet Handzic and Kyle Reed
A4 The Biomechanics and Energetics of Human Running using an Elastic Knee Exoskeleton Grant Elliott, Gregory Sawicki, Andrew Marecki and Hugh Herr
A5 A Soft Robotic Exomusculature Glove with Integrated sEMG Sensing for Hand Rehabilitation Michael Delph, Sarah Fischer, Phllip Gauthier, Carlos Martinez Luna, Edward Clancy and Gregory Fischer
A6 3D Joystick for Robotic Arm Control by Individuals with High Level Spinal Cord Injuries Hairong Jiang, Juan P. Wachs, Martin Pendergast and Bradley S. Duerstock
A7 Investigation of a passive inter-limb device on step-to-step transition of human walking Jun-tian Zhang and Qingguo Li
A8 Stabilization of a Three-Dimensional Limit Cycle Walking Model through Step-to-Step Ankle Control Myunghee Kim and Steven Collins
A9 Human Motion Intention based Scaled Teleoperation for Orientation Assistance in Preshaping for Grasping Karan Khokar, Redwan Alqasemi, Sudeep Sarkar and Rajiv Dubey
A10 Fuel Efficiency of a Portable Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis Morgan K. Boes, Mazharul Islam, Yifan David Li and Elizabeth T. Hsiao-Wecksler
A11 Design and Control of a Two-Wheeled Robotic Walker for Balance Enhancement Airton da Silva and Frank Sup
A12 Differentiating Ability in Users of the ReWalk Powered Exoskeleton: An Analysis of Walking Kinematics Mukul Talaty, Alberto Esquenazi and Jorge E. Briceño
A13 A framework to aid adoption of automated rehabilitation devices into clinical practice Alastair Cozens, Bipin Bhakta, Therese Jackson, Katie Henderson, Shiona Brough, Fredericke van Wijck, Sophie Makower and Christine Smith
A14 Development of an Elliptical Trainer with Real-Time Knee Adduction Moment Feedback Sang Hoon Kang, Song Joo Lee, Yupeng Ren and Li-Qun Zhang
A15 VRACK: Measuring Pedal Kinematics During Stationary Bike Cycling Amir B. Farjadian, Qingchao Kong, Venkata K. Gade, Judith E. Deutsch and Constantinos Mavroidis
A16 Robot-Assisted Balance Training for Gait Modification Seok Hun Kim and Kyle Reed
A17 A Pivoting Elliptical Training System for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Injuries Yupeng Ren, Song Joo Lee, Hyung-Soon Park and Li-Qun Zhang
A18 Adaptation of Task Difficulty in Rehabilitation Exercises Based on the User's Motor Performance and Physiological Responses Navid Shirzad and H. F. Machiel Van der Loos
A19 Improving the match between ability and challenge: toward a framework for automatic level adaptation in game-based assessment and training Joel C. Perry, Sivakumar Balasubramanian, Cristina Rodriguez-de-Pablo and Thierry Keller
A20 A Finger Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation and Brain Image Study Zhenjin Tang, Shigeki Sugano and Hiroyasu Iwata
A21 Kinematics and Design of a Portable and Wearable Exoskeleton for Hand Rehabilitation Marco Cempini, Stefano Marco Maria De Rossi, Tommaso Lenzi, Mario Cortese, Francesco Giovacchini, Nicola Vitiello and Maria Chiara Carrozza
A22 A Novel Framework for Virtual Prototyping of Rehabilitation Exoskeletons Priyanshu Agarwal, Pei-Hsin Kuo, Richard Neptune and Ashish Deshpande
A23 Design and Analysis of A Compliant Bimanual Rehabilitation Device Samuel McAmis and Kyle Reed
A24 Design of Wrist Gimbal: a Forearm and Wrist Exoskeleton for Stroke Rehabilitation John A. Martinez, Paul Ng, Son Lu, McKenzie S. Campagna and Ozkan Celik
A25 Development of a Fuzzy Logic Based Intelligent System for Autonomous Guidance of Post-stroke Rehabilitation Exercise Rajibul Huq, Rosalie Wang, Elaine Lu, Debbie Hébert, Hervé Lacheray and Alex Mihailidis
A26 Adaptive Control with State-Dependent Modeling of Patient Impairment for Robotic Movement Therapy Curtis Bower, Hossein Taheri and Eric Wolbrecht
A27 System Characterization of RiceWrist-S: a Forearm-Wrist Exoskeleton For Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Ali Utku Pehlivan, Chad Rose and Marcia O'Malley
A28 Restoring ADL Function after Wrist Surgery in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Novel Bilateral Robot System Design Devon Holley, Andrew Theriault, Sheku Kamara, Vince Anewenter, Daren Hughes and Michelle J Johnson
Poster Session BMonday, June 24, 16h00-17h00
B1 A Novel Compact Compliant Actuator Design for Rehabilitation Robots Haoyong Yu, Sunan Huang, Gong Chen, Nitish Thankor, Siew-Lok Toh, Manolo STA Cruz, Yassine Ghorbel and Chi Zhu
B2 Design of a series elastic actuator for a compliant parallel wrist rehabilitation robot Fabrizio Sergi, Melissa M. Lee and Marcia K. O'Malley
B3 Intelligent Control of a Smart Walker and Its Performance Evaluation Simon L. Grondin and Qingguo Li
B4 Development and Control of a Lower Extremity Assistive Device (LEAD) for Gait Rehabilitation Bingquan Shen, Jinfu Li, Fengjun Bai and Chee-Meng Chew
B5 Non-Contact Capacitance Sensing for Continuous Locomotion Mode Recognition: Design Specifications and Experiments with An Amputee Enhao Zheng, Long Wang, Yimin Luo, Kunlin Wei and Qining Wang
B6 Muscle Force Estimation Method with Surface EMG for a Lower Extremities Rehabilitation Device Fengjun Bai, Chee-Meng Chew, Jinfu Li, Bingquan Shen and Tomasz Marek Lubecki
B7 A Quasi-Passive Compliant Stance Control Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis Kamran Shamaei, Paul Napolitano and Aaron Dollar
B8 An Egocentric Vision based Assistive Co-robot Jingzhe Zhang, Lishuo Zhuang, Yang Wang, Yameng Zhou, Yan Meng and Gang Hua
B9 Adaptive Position Anticipation in a Support Robot for Overground Gait Training Enhances Transparency Christophe Everarts, Heike Vallery, Marc Bolliger and Renaud Ronsse
B10 Improving the transparency of a rehabilitation robot by exploiting the cyclic behaviour of walking Wietse van Dijk, Bram Koopman, Edwin van Asseldonk and Herman van der Kooij
B11 A Novel Body Weight Support System Extension: Initial Concept and Simulation Study Andrew Pennycott, Heike Vallery, Dario Wyss, Markus Spindler, Antoine Dewarrat and Robert Riener
B12 A review of assistive devices for arm balancing Gerard Dunning and Just Herder
B13 A Rehabilitation Device to Improve the Hand Grasp Function of Stroke Patients using a Patient-Driven Approach Wanjoo Park, Wookjin Jeong, Gyu-Hyun Kwon, Yun-Hee Kim and Laehyun Kim
B14 Towards Extended Virtual Presence of the Therapist in Stroke Rehabilitation Hee-Tae Jung, Takeshi Takahashi, Yu-Kyong Choe, Jennifer Baird, Tammie Foster and Roderic Grupen
B15 Development of a powered mobile module for the ArmAssist home-based telerehabilitation platform Je Hyung Jung, David Valencia, Cristina Rodríguez-de-Pablo, Thierry Keller and Joel Perry
B16 Assist-as-needed path control for the PASCAL rehabilitation robot Urs Keller, Georg Rauter and Robert Riener
B17 Goal Orientated Stroke Rehabilitation Utilising Electrical Stimulation, Iterative Learning and Microsoft Kinect Timothy Exell, Christopher Freeman, Katie Meadmore, Ann-Marie Hughes, Emma Hallewell, Mustafa Kutlu, Jane Burridge and Eric Rogers
B18 A feasibility study of the effect of multichannel electrical stimulation and gravity compensation on hand function in stroke patients: a pilot study. Thijs Krabben, Jaap H Buurke, Gerdienke B Prange and Johan S Rietman
B19 Pulsed assistance: a new paradigm of robot training Dalia De Santis, Lorenzo Masia, Pietro Morasso, Valentina Squeri, Jacopo Zenzeri, Maura Casadio, Psiche Giannoni and Assunta Riva
B20 Towards a Parameterizable Exoskeleton for Training of Hand Function After Stroke Patrick Weiss, Lars Heyer, Thomas F. Münte, Marcus Heldmann, Achim Schweikard and Erik Maehle
B21 Design of a self-aligning 3-DOF actuated exoskeleton for diagnosis and training of wrist and forearm after stroke J. Houdijn Beekhuis, Ard J. Westerveld, Herman van der Kooij and Arno H.A. Stienen
B22 SCRIPT Passive Orthosis: Design and Technical Evaluation of the Wrist and Hand Orthosis for Rehabilitation Training at Home Serdar Ates, Joan Lobo-Prat, Piet Lammertse, Herman van der Kooij and Arno H. A. Stienen
B23 Enhancing patient freedom in rehabilitation robotics using gaze-based intention detection Domen Novak and Robert Riener
B24 Using a high spatial resolution tactile sensor for intention detection Claudio Castellini and Risto Kõiva
B25 Whole-arm Tactile Sensing for Beneficial and Acceptable Contact During Robotic Assistance Phillip Grice, Marc Killpack, Advait Jain, Sarvagya Vaish, Jeffrey Hawke and Charles Kemp
B26 SQUID: Sensorized Shirt with Smartphone Interface for Exercise Monitoring and Home Rehabilitation Amir B. Farjadian, Mark L. Sivak and Constantinos Mavroidis
B27 Design of a Robotic Mobility System to Promote Socialization in Children Xi Chen, Christina Ragonesi, James Galloway and Sunil Agrawal
B28 A Haptically Enhanced Painting as a Tool for Neurorehabilitation Hoang H. Le, Rui C.V. Loureiro, Florian Dussopt, Nicholas Phillips, Aleksander Zivanovic and Martin J. Loomes
Poster Session CTuesday, June 25, 10h20-11h15
C1 Paralyzed Subject Controls Telepresence Mobile Robot Using Novel sEMG Brain-Computer Interface: Case Study Kenneth Lyons and Sanjay Joshi
C2 Brain Computer Interface based Robotic Rehabilitation with Online Modification of Task Speed Mine Sarac, Ela Koyas, Ahmetcan Erdogan, Mujdat Cetin and Volkan Patoglu
C3 A body machine interface for the control of a 2D cursor Ismael Seanez and Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi
C4 Toward Gesture Controlled Wheelchair: A Proof of Concept Study Noriyuki Kawarazaki, Dimitar Stefanov and Alejandro Diaz
C5 A Wheelchair Operation Assistance Control for a Wearable Robot Using the User's Residual Function Naoto Mizutani, Tatsuya Watanabe, Ken'ichi Yano, Takaaki Aoki, Yutaka Nishimoto and Yasuyuki Kobayashi
C6 A Five-wheel Wheelchair with an Active-caster Drive System Yu Munakata, Aki Tanaka and Masayoshi Wada
C7 Determining Navigability of Terrain Using Point Cloud Data Stephanie Cockrell, Gregory Lee and Wyatt Newman
C8 Using Machine Learning to Blend Human and Robot Controls for Assisted Wheelchair Navigation Aditya Goil, Matthew Derry and Brenna Argall
C9 A Depressurization Assistance System with a Suitable Posture for a Seated Patient on a Wheelchair Kenji Shiotani, Daisuke Chugo, Yuki Sakaida, Sho Yokota and Hiroshi Hashimoto
C10 Autonomous Function of Wheelchair-Mounted Robotic Manipulators to Perform Daily Activities Cheng-Shiu Chung, Hongwu Wang and Rory Cooper
C11 Development and Preliminary Testing of a Novel Wheelchair Integrated Exercise/ Rehabilitation System Beomsoo Hwang and Doyoung Jeon
C12 Concept Proposal for a Detachable Exoskeleton-Wheelchair to Improve Mobility and Health Jaimie Borisoff, Johanne Mattie and Vince Rafer
C13 Rehabilitation Robotics Ontology on the Cloud Zeynep Dogmus, Agis Papantoniou, Muhammed Kilinc, Sibel Yildirim, Esra Erdem and Volkan Patoglu
C14 Intentional Movement Performance Ability (IMPA): A Method for Robot-Aided Quantitative Assessment of Motor Function Sung Yul Shin, Jung Yoon Kim, Sanghyeop Lee, Junwon Lee, Seung-Jong Kim and ChangHwan Kim
C15 Analysis of grasping strategies and function in hemiparetic patients using an instrumented object Nathanael Jarrassé, Markus Kuehne, Nick Roach, Asif Hussain, Sivakumar Balasubramanian, Etienne Burdet and Agnès Roby-Brami
C16 Characterizing Coordination of Grasp and Twist in Hand Function of Healthy and Post-stroke Subjects Hamed Kazemi, Robert Kearney and Theodore Milner
C17 Prediction of Stroke-related Diagnostic and Prognostic Measures Using Robot-Based Evaluation Sayyed Mostafa Mostafavi, Janice Glasgow, Stephen Scott, Sean Dukelow and Parvin Mousavi
C18 Robotic Unilateral and Bilateral Upper-Limb Movement Training for Stroke Survivors Afflicted by Chronic Hemiparesis Matt Simkins, Hyunchul Kim, Gary Abrams, Nancy Byl and Jacob Rosen
C19 An inverse dynamic analysis on the influence of upper limb gravity compensation during reaching J.M.N. (Hans) Essers, Alessio Murgia, Arjen Bergsma, Paul Verstegen and Kenneth Meijer
C20 PARO Robot Affects Diverse Interaction Modalities in Group Sensory Therapy for Older Adults with Dementia Selma Sabanovic, Casey Bennett, Wan-Ling Chang and Lesa Huber
C21 Development of a Novel Evidence-Based Automated Powered Mobility Device Competency Assessment Jaime Valls Miro, Ross Black, Bojan Andonovski and Gamini Dissanayake
C22 Preliminary evaluation of SensHand V1 in assessing motor skills performance in Parkinson Disease Filippo Cavallo, Carlo Maremmani, Dario Esposito, Erika Rovini, Michela Aquilano, Paolo Bongioanni, Maria Chiara Carrozza and Paolo Dario
C23 Development of the iPAM MkII System and Description of a Randomized Controlled Trial with Acute Stroke Patients Andrew Jackson, Martin Levesley, Sophie Makower, Alastair Cozens and Bipinchandra Bhakta
C24 Effects of upper limb robot-assisted therapy on motor recovery of subacute stroke patients: a kinematic approach Stefano Mazzoleni, Patrizio Sale, Micol Tiboni, Marco Franceschini, Maria Chiara Carrozza and Federico Posteraro
C25 Performance of Daily Activities by Older Adults with Dementia: The Role of an Assistive Robot Momotaz Begum, Rosalie Wang, Rajibul Huq and Alex Mihailidis
C26 Selecting Services for a Service Robot - Evaluating the problematic activities threatening the independence of elderly persons Sandra Bedaf, Gert Jan Gelderblom, Luc de Witte, Dag Syrdal, Hagen Lehmann, Farshid Amirabdollahian, Kerstin Dautenhahn and David Hewson
C27 Initial Development of Direct Interaction for a Transfer Robotic Arm System for Caregivers Hervens Jeannis, Garrett Grindle, Annmarie Kelleher, Hongwu Wang, Bambi Brewer and Rory Cooper
C28 Study on a Practical Robotic Follower to Support Home Oxygen Therapy Patients -Questionnaire-Based Concept Evaluation by the Patients- Gen Endo, Masatsugu Iribe, Yu Iemura, Ryota Ikeda, Kohei Onishi, Naoto Maeda, Edwardo F. Fukushima, Shigeo Hirose, Mineko Ohira and Toshio Takubo
Poster Session DTuesday, June 25, 16h00-17h00
D1 Ankle-Knee Prosthesis with Powered Ankle and Energy Transfer for CYBERLEGs -Prototype. Joost Geeroms, Louis Flynn, Rene Jimenez-Fabian, Bram Vanderborght and Dirk Lefeber
D2 Strategies to reduce the configuration time for a powered knee and ankle prosthesis across multiple ambulation modes Ann Simon, Nicholas Fey, Suzanne Finucane, Robert Lipschutz and Levi Hargrove
D3 Effects of a powered ankle-foot prosthesis on kinetic loading of the contralateral limb: A case series David Hill and Hugh Herr
D4 Clutchable Series-Elastic Actuator: Design of a Robotic Knee Prosthesis for Minimum Energy Consumption Elliott Rouse, Luke Mooney, Ernesto Martinez-Villalpando and Hugh Herr
D5 EMG Control of a Bionic Knee Prosthesis: Exploiting Muscle Co-Contraction for Improved Locomotor Function James Dawley, Kevin Fite and George Fulk
D6 Modeling of WalkMECH: a Fully-Passive Energy-Efficient Transfemoral Prosthesis Prototype Ramazan Unal, Feite Klijnstra, Bram Burkink, Sebastiaan Behrens, Edsko Hekman, Stefano Stramigioli, Bart Koopman and Raffaella Carloni
D7 Novel Knee Joint Mechanism of Transfemoral Prosthesis for Stair Ascent Koh Inoue, Takahiro Wada, Ryuichi Harada and Shinichi Tachiwana
D8 Redefining Prosthetic Ankle Mechanics, Non-Anthropomorphic Ankle Design Andrew LaPre and Frank Sup
D9 Novel Differential Mechanism Enabling Two DOF from a Single Actuator: Application to a Prosthetic Hand Joseph Belter and Aaron Dollar
D10 Continuously-Variable Series-Elastic Actuator Luke Mooney and Hugh Herr
D11 Sleeve Muscle Actuator and Its Application in Transtibial Prostheses Hao Zheng and Xiangrong Shen
D12 Multimodal Sensor Controlled Three Degree of Freedom Transradial Prosthesis Kengo Ohnishi, Isamu Kajitani, Toshiyuki Morio and Tomoo Takagi
D13 Proportional EMG Control of Ankle Plantar Flexion in a Powered Transtibial Prosthesis Jing Wang, Oliver A. Kannape and Hugh M. Herr
D14 Does it pay to have a damper in a powered ankle prosthesis? A Power-Energy Perspective Mahdy Eslamy, Martin Grimmer, Stephan Rinderknecht and Andre Seyfarth
D15 Myoelectric Neural Interface Enables Accurate Control of a Virtual Multiple Degree-Of-Freedom Foot-Ankle Prosthesis Dennis Tkach, Robert Lipschutz, Suzanne Finucane and Levi Hargrove
D16 Pattern Recognition of Hand Movements with Low Density sEMG for Prosthesis Control Purposes JOHN JAIRO VILLAREJO MAYOR, JHON FREDDY SARMIENTO VELA, ANSELMO FRIZERA NETO and TEODIANO FREIRE BASTOS FILHO
D17 Recognition of Hand Movements in a Trans-Radial Amputated Subject by sEMG Manfredo Atzori, Henning Müller and Micheal Baechler
D18 A synergy-driven approach to a myoelectric hand Sasha Blue Godfrey, Arash Ajoudani, Manuel Catalano, Giorgio Grioli and Antonio Bicchi
D19 Task Discrimination from Myoelectric Activity: A Learning Scheme for EMG-Based Interfaces Minas Liarokapis, Panagiotis Artemiadis and Kostas Kyriakopoulos
D20 Evaluating subsampling strategies for sEMG-based prediction of voluntary muscle contractions Risto Kõiva, Barbara Hilsenbeck and Claudio Castellini
D21 Body sensor network-based strapdown orientation estimation: Application to human locomotion Berno J.E. Misgeld, Daniel Rueschen, Saim Kim and Steffen Leonhardt
D22 Design of a Wearable Perturbator for Human Knee Impedance Estimation during Gait Michael Tucker, Adrian Moser, Olivier Lambercy, James Sulzer and Roger Gassert
D23 Design of An Expert System to Automatically Calibrate Impedance Control for Powered Knee Prostheses Ding Wang, Ming Liu, Fan Zhang and He Huang
D24 Measuring the Dynamic Impedance of the Human Arm Without a Force Sensor Matthew Dyck and Mahdi Tavakoli
D25 Effect of age on stiffness modulation during postural maintenance of the arm Tricia Gibo, Amy Bastian and Allison Okamura
D26 Haptic recognition of dystonia and spasticity in simulated multi-joint hypertonia Davide Piovesan*, Alejandro Melendez-Calderon* and Ferdinando A. Mussa-Ivaldi
D27 Reward-based learning of a redundant task Irene Tamagnone, Maura Casadio and Vittorio Sanguineti
D28 Adaptation to Visuomotor Rotation in Isometric Reaching is Similar to Movement Adaptation Michele F. Rotella, Margaret Koehler, Ilana Nisky, Amy J. Bastian and Allison M. Okamura
D29 Real-time Prediction Learning for the Simultaneous Actuation of Multiple Prosthetic Joints Patrick M. Pilarski, Travis B. Dick and Richard S. Sutton
Poster Session EWednesday, June 25, 10h20-11h15
E1 High level functions for the intuitive use of an assistive robot Olivier Lebec, Mohamed Walid Ben ghezala, Violaine Leynart, Isabelle Laffont, Charles Fattal, Christophe Leroux, Laurence Devillers, Clément Chastagnol, Jean-Claude Martin, Youcef Mezouar, Hermanth Korrapatti and Vincent Dupourque
E2 Usability Test of KNRC Self-Feeding Robot Won-Kyung Song, Won-Jin Song, Yale Kim and Jongbae Kim
E3 Optimal Design of an Alignment-Free Two-DOF Rehabilitation Robot for the Shoulder Complex Daniel Galinski, Julien Sapin and Dehez Bruno
E4 Model-Based Safety Analysis of Human-Robot Interactions: the MIRAS Walking Assistance Robot Jeremie GUIOCHET, Quynh Anh DO HOANG, Mohamed KAANICHE and David POWELL
E5 Human-Robot Interaction Tests on a Novel Robot for Gait Assistance Nevio Luigi Tagliamonte, Fabrizio Sergi, Giorgio Carpino, Dino Accoto and Eugenio Guglielmelli
E6 An intrinsically safe mechanism for physically coupling humans with robots Gerald O'Neill, Harshil Patel and Panagiotis Artemiadis
E7 Adaptive Model-Based Assistive Control for Pneumatic Direct Driven Soft Rehabilitation Robots André Wilkening and Oleg Ivlev
E8 Human-Robot-Interaction Control for Orthoses with Pneumatic Soft-Actuators - Concept and Initial Trails David Baiden and Oleg Ivlev
E9 Development of an orthosis for walking assistance using pneumatic artificial muscle Takuma Kawamura, Kenta Takanaka, Taro Nakamura and Hisashi Osumi
E10 Development of an Assistive Motorized Hip Orthosis Jeremy Olivier, Mohamed Bouri, Amalric Ortlieb, Hannes Bleuler and Reymond Clavel
E11 A New Powered Orthosis with Hip and Ankle Linkage for Paraplegics Walking Chikara Nagai, Shinnosuke Hisada, Goro Obinata and Eiichi Genda
E12 Asymmetric Adaptation in Human Walking using the Tethered Pelvic Assist Device (TPAD) Vineet Vashista, Darcy Reisman and Sunil Agrawal
E13 Lateral balance control for robotic gait training. Bram Koopman, Jos Meuleman, Edwin van Asseldonk and Herman van der Kooij
E14 Design of Variable-Damping Control for Prosthetic Knee based on a Simulated Biped Jie Zhao, Karsten Berns, Roberto Baptista and Antonio Bo
E15 Gait Mode Recognition and Control for a Portable-Powered Ankle-Foot Orthosis Yifan Li and Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler
E16 Functional Evaluation of Robot End-Point Assisted Gait re-Education in Chronic Stroke Survivors Alice De Luca, Carmelo Lentino, Honorè Vernetti, Giovanni Antonio Checchia, Psiche Giannoni, Pietro Morasso and Maura Casadio
E17 Novel actuation design of a gait trainer with shadow leg approach Jos Meuleman, Edwin van Asseldonk and Herman van der Kooij
E18 Brief Biomechanical Analysis on the Walking of Spinal Cord Injury Patients with a Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot Jung Jun-Young, Park Hyunsub, Yang Hyun-Dae and Chae Mingi
E19 Selecting the best number of synergies in gait: preliminary results on young and elderly people Fiorenzo Artoni, Vito Monaco and Silvestro Micera
E20 Preliminary Tests of a Prototype FES Control System for Cycling Wheelchair Rehabilitation Takashi Watanabe, Takuya Murakami and Yasunobu Handa
E21 Dynamic arm supports Loek van der Heide, Gert Jan Gelderblom and Luc de Witte
E22 Design of a perfect balance system for active upper-extremity exoskeletons Richard L. Smith, Joan Lobo-Prat, Herman van der Kooij and Arno H.A. Stienen
E23 Using the Kinect to Limit Abnormal Kinematics and Compensation Strategies During Therapy with End Effector Robots
Elizabeth Brokaw, Peter Lum, Rory Cooper and Bambi Brewer
E24 Performance based upper extremity training: a pilot study evaluation with the GENTLE/A rehabilitation system Radhika Chemuturi, Farshid Amirabdollahian and Kerstin Dautenhahn
E25 Electrical Stimulation and Iterative Learning Control for Functional Recovery in the Upper Limb Post-Stroke Katie Meadmore, Timothy Exell, Emma Hallewell, Christopher Freeman, Ann-Marie Hughes, Mustafa Kutlu, Jane Burridge and Eric Rogers
E26 Passive-type Rehabilitation System for Upper Limbs Which Can Display the Exact Resistance Force in the Orientation Opposite to Hand Motion Makoto Haraguchi and Junji Furusho
E27 BIOMimetic Hand Exotendon Device (BIOMHED) for Functional Hand Rehabilitation in Stroke Sang Wook Lee, Katlin Landers and Hyung-Soon Park
E28 Fine Finger Motor Skill Training with Exoskeleton Robotic Hand in Chronic Stroke Corinna Ockenfeld, Raymond K.Y. Tong, Evan A. Susanto, Sze-Kit Ho and Xiao-ling Hu